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ReNu Multi Plus - Review

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Omron nebulizer NE C801

Omron nebulizer NE C801 is intended for home use. Our family of four (two children and two adults). When in the

Pipette drops Sofradeks failed.

Cover from the pipette is not possible until the end of the dress on the bottle with kapelâmi Sofradeks. When you try

Ointment oksolina - DARNITSA bad.

Ointment oksolina - DARNITSA created specifically for the prevention of influenza. But using this cream, I was getting

Breathalyzer Link lies

Bought a breathalyzer Link, for their own safety, and confidence that after the holidays, it's safe to get behind the

Mustard "Bismuth" TOV "Bismuth" - does not work!

Mustard "Bismuth" TOV "Bismuth" bought at the pharmacy, the shelf life they are perfectly normal.

Procter & Gamble Hygiene pads NATURELLA Ultra Maxi DUO with wings - causes irritation

Most use pads that contain no fragrances and balsams, and preferably have setchastuyu surface, but decided to take

Electronic thermometer Omron Eco Temp inaccurate and short-lived

Decided to go with the times - purchased electronic thermometer Omron Eco Temp (Omron Eco Temp). Produced in China,

Тонометр Rossmax MS-150f

Tonometer By MS-150f bought two months ago. The problems started right away. The device changes the pressure readings

Gaskets Vuokkoset Slim Long wings with wings 12pcs - skomkivayutsya

In the use of pads Vuokkoset Slim Long wings were not the most effective absorbent layer of disgusting, still wet and

Ежедневные прокладки Bella for teens.

Daily strips Bella for teens (Bella FD tins) I absolutely didn't like, because they're not comfortable, large sizes, as

Kotex tampons

Kotex tampons bought by accident, if necessary, choose the time was not. I have to say - it is better not to buy ever.

The patch "Silkoplast" Sensi Sensitive Skin, 20 pieces - will not stay on the skin

This plaster is very myagenkaya adhesive base, it does not strongly attached to the skin, but to me it seemed to do

Body Massager Vitek VT-1387 - what happened to him that without him

It is better not to spend money in vain, buying this massager for the body, and go and enroll in any massage parlor,

Floss Oral-B

Dental floss - is an indispensable element in the care of his teeth, but her choice to be treated carefully. I, for

Condoms Contex Classic Natural sensation

My husband and I rarely use such a method of birth control, like condoms. But for health reasons, the need to protect

Intrauterine Nova-T secure and easy

Intrauterine Nova-T-excellent remedy for unwanted pregnancies Swiss company Bayer. Set a period of five years. Copper

Thermo-Inhaler GP-003 Hemoplast, Ukraine - the winner.

If children do not leave your snot choice, the only thing that remains - the struggle. The fight long and hard. Weapon

Gaskets urological Tena Lady help to cope with the problem.

Granny for health reasons can not be operated. As far as she became more comfortable feel, when the gasket urological

Whitening toothpaste Sensodyne, my favorite!

The best toothpaste I've tried! I love it! Ideal bleaches the tooth enamel, very refreshing breath! Very tasty!

Gaskets Always Classic maxi with wings 9pcs - stunning

Always Classic maxi pads are ideal for heavy discharge in the critical days, they absorb very well, I like their shape,

Gaskets Bella Classic nova maxi drai hygiene 10 pcs - the quality of joy

always use pads Bella, the quality of their suits me, myagenkaya and thin enough, well absorb any excess, never take

Orthopedic pillow from Sonlayt saves from osteohonroza

Huge selection of orthopedic pillows in the company Sonlayt Kirov helped me pick an individual-sized pillow with

Cream "Acyclovir-Farmak" - the best cure for herpes

Herpes worries me all my life. About this cream, I learned recently, and since they only use them. It does not flow,

In Expresspci bought my daughter glasses

In our world of TVs, computers and tablets have become an integral part of children's lives. However, if you do not

D-95 a remedy for lice.

This remedy advised me sister, when I turned to her for help to remove the lice in a child. The tool I bought at the

Reliable protection for adults and children.

In these troubled times, there is no person who would not know what is antiseptic. For the most part pharmacy

Adult diapers, are indispensable for persons with disabilities.

Care for sick people, and a heavy responsibility, it is very easy care of adult diapers. Now on the market, there are

Inhaler MICROLIFE NEB compressor nebuliser 50 to Microlife AG, Switzerland - first aid at home.

Inhaler MICROLIFE NEB compressor nebuliser 50 to Microlife AG, Switzerland enjoy a couple of years. It helps in the

Natural and effective mucolytic

In our time presents a huge selection of different syrups and other cough. Our family really helps Spilling. I usually

Arbidol help prevent disease.

My whole family was sick last winter's flu. I thought, and I will overthrow the disease. But it helped arbidol. Saw

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