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Laundry detergent Eared nannies - Review

-4 17.08.2013

Detergent " Eared " inefficient baby sitters

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For washing baby's clothes have become a means for the washing of children's linen " Eared " nannies. Manufacturer: branch of JSC NEVA COSMETICS in Angarsk, Irkutsk region. The label stated that it effectively cope with pollution, including stains from juice; berries; fruit; herbs, etc. Comply with instructions for use. But none of these contaminants is not otstiralos′ even spot from Apple. So it is very bad washed out during rinsing, gargling is a dual mode to run again.

Tags: means for the washing of children's linen long-eared nannies, not otstiralos′, washing of children's linen

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