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Multivitamin Ttys - Review

-4 31.12.2013

Mul′tivitamol Etc. Taiss

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When a child downloads took an antibiotic, you had to replenish the supply of vitamins. Doctor pediatrician attributed the Mul′tivitamol Etc. Taiss for children. Well, before I give the child to poprobuvala itself. I really liked these vitamins!
First, in addition to the vitamins there is oil, which makes liquid oil. After the application of 5 ml. (as stated in the instructions) becomes cloying.
Secondly, it consists of citric acid and peach flavor. From these components mil′tivitaminnyj drug has a very edgy and napriâtnyj scent.
Third, the mul′tiivitamol has a sugar syrup. He gives the drug tošnotnyj. Some manufacturers overshoot.
I do not recommend buying this vitamin product.

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