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Practicing hypnology Vasily Goldenberg - Review

5 01.07.2018

Reliable person, solves complex problems

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Vasily helped my father for all get rid of nicotine addiction. The experience of Smoking was already 30 years old, and therefore, to quit themselves well, it was very difficult. Hypnosis was our last our opportunity to get rid of this addiction. Dad in particular could not believe it, but we convinced to take a course. Imagine our surprise when after a few sessions the craving for the cigarettes he began to disappear. Upon completion of the course he has not smoked any more cigarettes, it's been two years.

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A very effective method.

Share your experience of hypnosis at Vasily Semenovicha Goldenberg. Turned to him with his claustrophobia. In General,

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I want to thank the meeting Vasily Semenovicha Goldenberg, for helping our family in a very delicate matter, helped me

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