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5 29.07.2020

Nootropil Novo

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After my company changed the leader, the work began to go as hard labor. Moreover, that man by nature is heavy, so also the state has reduced, doubling the load on the remaining. And I don't except work, a family, two small children and mother, who because of their age very often sick. Husband could have helped, but this was clearly inadequate, because I began to notice that my brain started to rebel. Attention, reaction speed and memory has suffered greatly. I have, without exaggeration, began to twitch, and twitched his left eye.

Hardly taking a day off work ran for help to a neurologist (was afraid that the "roof" does go). But after a brief examination and several tests, the doctor concluded pleased: nothing, but the brain is clearly in need of support. And for this purpose I was appointed Nootropil new.

Looking ahead, let me clarify that I am only halfway to recovery (Nootropil take only 2 weeks, and the full course — a month). But I can already see positive changes, and they are so impressive that I rushed to share my happiness with you and leave this review about your just wonderful healing.

To Nootropila I have never experienced with nootropics, although I had heard about them. Knew that they positively affect the brain and nervous system and I had the opportunity to verify this from personal experience.
14 days of receiving Nootropil Novo (1 tab. twice a day) I have become internally quieter, people around me less annoying, have improved attention and speed of reactions, and have almost no eye twitches. Any side effects from taking not. I began to think differently about the world, different look at some things, less worried. I think that without Nootropil Novo, I would not have coped with the problems surrounding me now, would not have survived them.

I'm leaving this review not for the purpose of agitation "For Nootropil" and does not suggest thoughtlessly and without to run to the pharmacy, just wanted to share my life experiences and my joy..

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