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Stroller Farfello Familidoo - Review

5 29.09.2019

Our favourite pram!

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The stroller Familidoo Farfello gave us the sister of the husband, knowing my love for beautiful, unusual things. This stroller exactly like that I fell in love literally at first sight. All summer we use it, very happy, so the main character of today's review – the stroller Farfalla!

It is almost weightless, I quietly enter her home on the 2nd floor stairs, Familidoo weighs only 5.2 kg. In principle, for this reason we have given this stroller, though we have a big stroller-terrain vehicle, but it is very hard to cope with it, and I just dreamed of an easy walk.

Outdoors I have the baby loves to sleep in the stroller. In this walk to sit, the seat is adjusted to the prone position, you can still raise the bandwagon. Adjustment is simple and without unnecessary movements, can be folded back if the child fell asleep sitting. We have a stroller still have a soft mattress, it comes in the kit, so additional to buy anything it is not necessary. There is also a raincover and a mosquito net.

Develops Familidoo the owner, is very compact, with wheels do not stain the fabric. We have it standing in the hallway, folded, practically does not take place.

Bumper this stroller is cool and unusual, son loves to hold it as the wheel. Bumper, incidentally, is removable, but without it, the stroller is not as it looks, I think. Son, I always strapped in the stroller, there are five-point belts, they are very securely fix the child, so that self-folding in and out of this stroller just will not work.

Bottom Familidoo a large capacious basket, in which is placed a couple of bags from the supermarket and all the baby things that we take for a walk.

I like this stroller very much, both externally and for their comfort, even it is a pity that children grow up so fast. But maybe spring is still on her bike, by weight must pass (load 15 kg).

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