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Gerbion cough syrup - Review

5 20.09.2016

Natural ingredients in syrup.

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The niece complained that the cough can not be cured it can. Summer cold somewhere managed. No more fever, just stuffy and coughing. Goes and coughs without break, coughs, spits, phlegm departs. In such cases, I take gerbion syrup primrose with for the treatment of wet cough very good. Natural ingredients. does not harm the stomach, they have anti-inflammatory and expectorant action. Gerbion helps to cure even the most severe cough, diluting viscous sputum and removing it from the bronchi. I do not believe that there is always in the medicine Cabinet, who knows when you might need this tool. Took niece gerbion syrup, in a week that a cough saved. To achieve a maximum therapeutic effect, do not believe you need to drink plenty of warm water or tea, then its therapeutic effect will be more complete. Cough, long held, passed. The niece feels great. In addition, the syrups do not believe that are inexpensive and at the same time raise the immunity in a natural way, I think we should keep this medication in the refrigerator at home. Moreover, the flu season has arrived, and already the new school year, a kindergarten school. Syrup 2 years children can be given.

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