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Корм Holistic Blend - Review

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Food Friskies - poison for cats

If you love your pet, would not feed him this food, because Friskies - actually poison. From a bald cat, they have an

Whiskas jelly and stews

Two months ago was gone for a week to the country and left the cat in the care of a good friend( she came three times a

terrible food Kitekat Meat Banquet

In the summer with her husband left on vacation, leaving our cat under the supervision of his mother. When we finished

Cat food Sheba

I want to share with You the impression feed Sheba Pleasure. Distributed free of charge in one of the hypermarkets

Food for small and medium-sized parrots "Vaca +" - poor quality

Food, "Vaca +" did not dare to give their feathered pets, as found in the consideration of many grain tainted

Whiskas - kill your cat!

Fed your cat feed Whiskas, until recently. Come for a visit to the vet since started its fall coat. It turned out to

Vitamin and mineral supplement "Ushastik" for rabbits and nutria - did not come.

After the introduction of these vitamins, our rabbit Tishka ill. Started reproach, became silent. We immediately

Hills Adult Advanced Fitness Mini

Food for adult dogs, Blue Hill's SScience Plan Canine breeds Adult Advanced Fitness Mini with chicken producer declared

Rabbit food Menu Vital

Bought on the advice of the saleswomen rabbit food Menu Vital Fresh-Bag company VITAKRAFT. Costs went out three times

Food "Meow" vomit.

Our cat likes dry food. Tried it already seems all but just recently bought food "Meow", led him to the

Dry food KiteKat - poison

feeding your cat dry food KiteKat, after which he started having problems with digestion and urination, he became ill,

Whiskas food for cats.

Usually we feed your cat or boiled fish soup, but that day at the market fish is over, and it was decided to buy the

Mineral feed for cats and dogs with allergy Helavit

When a dog bitten by a tick, the family thought to be worse than the condition of the animal can ... Wrong ... After a

Food for turtles " TortilaM "

I do not advise to feed turtles feed Tortila " krasnouhih m " in granules from the manufacturer LTD.

Dry cat food

cat you do not feed this muck! of dry food they are formed kidney stones, which may not be the best way to affect the

Food for budgies "Funny parrot" my bird liked.

Food for budgies "Funny parrot" I liked the Kesh. He used to eat away from the feed only some specific

Pro Plan - the best cat food

cat when I was 1 year old, he became very ill - he was vomiting, and diarrhea. It all lasted a few days before I bought

Dry food for cats rascal - my cat loves it.

Although they say about the dangers of dry food, but my cat for 15 years and dry food, he uses a very long time.

Advance food for dogs

I buy them for about a year for their pet food, which accounted for the Advance to taste. Forage refers to premium

Food for the germination of the RIO Mealberry (RIO, Little One) - good food

's important to remember that this kind of food RIO is not intended for everyday use. They fertilize the birds

Food for adult dogs meat TM "ARO" - like a dog

One gostevali with friends at the cottage, and they have there lives a beautiful dog - labrador, caring for them in

Если для Вас важно здоровье питомца!

Про этот корм у меня хорошее мнение. Мой стаффорд Буль его просто обожает, для него нет еды вкуснее, чем Холистик с ягнё

Cat food "Hills", U.S. - quality food.

We have a rather painful cat. Previously, he ate other foods, and often suffered from bowel disease. The vet advised us

Отличный немецкий корм премиум-класса по приемлемой в этом сегменте цене

Решили поднять уровень питания ненаглядной Маруси до высшего уровня. Остановила свой выбор на Minkas Sterilised, именно

Whiskas dry food - good quality food!

I feed my cat this food when others have nothing else, she eats it right, but not so readily as meat or fish. It feels

Feed for fish DENNERLE Yady classik - fish readily eat

When there is no Tubifex and bloodworms are my tailed cats fall into a stupor and I, respectively, too, because I do

Dog Food Royal Canin-the best food for dogs.

Change your old food to Royal Canin. Now our Lord for the ears ottyanesh. His hair is shiny, perfect digestion, the dog

feed for catfish Sera "Wels-Chips"

Our fish for 5 years now grown into a monster. From 5 cm to 30 cm in length. It likes to feed chips Sera

Healthy and nutritious food for large dogs — Meal About

I heard a lot about this brand, but was embarrassed to buy a sample. And that took from the bag at 13 lbs., So it

Cat food my cat Sheba-enthusiastic

even food and expensive but I often pet them to your cat. She even finicky eating habits, refuses to eat certain foods

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