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Nazol Spray from a cold I do not like it - Review

-3 21.09.2011

Nazol (Spray) from a cold I do not like it

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I bought from the cold does not drop, and the spray Nazol Advance. Written in the abstract, that operates 12 hours. At first glance, very well: duration and easy to use (sprayed and ready). But in fact I did not like. You can splash and lots of drugs and a little (as prilovchishsya). This is good if a lot bryznesh immediately, and if not enough, we must inject more and more (you can overdo it.) If vbryznesh and let go of the bottle, then what went through his nose again, and there will be delayed, possibly together with snot. Very easy to use. And from the common cold has not helped me, and still more than 12 hours does not work. It is better to have a drop of oxymetazoline. But the drop clearly for me to.

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