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Herbion syrup plantain - Review

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Pills Strepsils not relieve the pain.

Lozenges Strepsils not relieve a sore throat. In the pharmacy I was told that on the first tablets, the pain won't go

Antipyretic drug Panadol Baby (Panadol Baby) does not throw heat

Always given to children at high temperature Nurofen syrup, alternating with candles Efferalgan. When her son turned 3

Heparin ointment of "Valium"

In early January, I slipped and fell. Got off easy. Just on the face with one hand wearing the black eye, and greatly

Choleretic Урсодез

I drank the course cholagogue “Урсодез”, was re-survey and it showed that I have large concentrations of this very bile

Drug Berodual excites the nervous system.

Her husband, as an asthmatic, doctor prescribed drug for oral inhalation "Berodual H". Almost immediately

The drug acyclovir does not help

Taken from the instructions of the herpes virus acyclovir tablets and anointed them with a sore on the lip of the same

Drops from allergies "Zirtek" from Company "YUSB Pharma" - even worse tablets

When I was not helped by allergy pills "Zirtek", the doctor advised me to use a similar drop. Allegedly,

The nucleus Forte capsules

The nucleus CMP Forte capsules have been prescribed to treat neuralgia, shingles. Was assigned 10 shots, unfortunately

Klion. CJSC "Gedeon Richter-Rus" indicates not all the side effects in the instructions

The gynecologist has prescribed Klion 3 times a day as an antimicrobial agent. In principle, the tablet can act, but I

Hofitol - it is not clear, valid or not

Gastroenterologist prescribed hepatoprotector, well said, I now rate cut and it is not clear whether or not it is

Shilajit - the beginning of the end!

This is a known drug was very popular in the 80s, and was a panacea for all ills, but it brought only harm to people!

"Vagilak" from Jadran - does not help to maintain women's health

To restore the vaginal flora and increase the local defense my gynecologist told me to take "Vagilak" from

Antipyretic syrup Nurofen for children

During the next cold son long had a high fever. Called the precinct, she prescribed a syrup Nurofen. Not only that,

Balsam "Gorhon" from the Corporation Siberian Health - malodeystvenny.

Balm "Gorhon" from the Siberian Healthcare Corporation, despite its promises, does not help. My veins are

Rescue balm is useless

Rescue balm is useless-it does not relieve a sunburn, itching from mosquito bites does not reduce the speed of wound

Effective cough syrup

Gerbion syrup with plantain taste good, kids love it and me too. Acquire syrup for a long time. The composition

Diflyuzol rid of thrush from your boss, and you from fines

My boss, after listening to advertising, decided to try a medication for thrush. Diflyuzol it really helped as in


Хочу поделиться своим опытом в области лечения кишечника. Поставили мне неприятный диагноз – синдром раздражённого кишеч

Children Nurofen acts instantaneously, reducing fever in a child

If a child is ill and his temperature rose, we use only proven child Nurofenom that instantly removes heat and reduces

Dentinoks gel - teeth will be cut without pain

My baby's teething, or what does not work, but recently tried Dentinoks gel, and all the pain vanished. So good,

Tools d / treat colds and flu PharmaMed "Akvalor" software just saved!

Runny nose in infants - is tough! Tested on itself. The daughter just could not eat because of the mortgaged spout.

Kindinorm gel

On a background of reception of antibiotics I got thrush. Who faced - knows the beauty of this disease. Tried to douche

Эффективное средство

Для меня Дексонал просто универсальное средство, когда боль донимает, то лучше средства просто не найти. Таблетки покрыт

Syrup Erespal-delivered son cough.

When the child was six months, he had a cold and cough. The doctor prescribed a syrup Erespal us. Give him a few times

Pantogram nootropic remedy

The first thing I usually do when I buy any medicine for children, try for yourself. So it was with Pantogam, the

Удобная упаковка и условия приема, хорошее средство при кашле

История банальна. Простыл, появился насморк, вслед за ним кашель. Это про моего мужа. Дома болеть он не может - работа.

Эфирные масла дыши – помогли снизить заболеваемость орви в нашей семье

Давно известно что натуральное эфирное масло может действовать обеззараживающе – в зависимости от растения, из которого

Gel Dentol Baby - Assistant for teething

Gel Dentol Baby we were advised to friends, it really is a miracle gel, it is perfectly calm desenki our baby when he

Candles Tsefekon d - the best way to remove the child's temperature.

When the Son was sick, so any drugs tried by removing the heat, but the best (and most importantly faster) helped these

препарат действительно выгодный

Если сравнивать Улькавис с де-нолом, которые каждый второй сотрудник аптеки норовит продать при жалобах на боль в желудк

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