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Herbion syrup plantain - Review

5 23.02.2017

Does not cause allergies

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I sometimes develop a rash on different medications, so Mucosolvan syrup was, the staff there is not natural. Therefore, treating a dry cough after a recent cold syrup Gerbion plantain. The Allergy was not due to the composition. There are no artificial substances and heaps of herbs of unknown origin in the IOM doctor, in India do, and do not believe in Slovenia. Simple components of plant origin, which is not likely to cause allergies, no kids, no adults. So it can safely drink the whole family.
1 bottle of 150 ml is enough for the entire course of treatment, and the less medication required, the economical consumption of the drug.. it All depends on how many teaspoons you take. Children have their own dosage in adults own, there is a measuring spoon and clear instructions. I drank 3 teaspoons 3 times a day for 6 days. Sweet taste. Really cough is softened and did place. It remains only to expectorate sputum, which is of the chest more in the bronchi can not sit. In addition to fighting the cough gerbion plantain will still support your immunity and accelerate recovery from the disease, because the composition is vitamin C.
For people who are sick and do not know how to cure a dry cough without sputum, I will recommend gerbion syrup with plantain. I have a lot of arguments why this medicine is worth of a place in the home medicine Cabinet: unlikely to cause allergies, recommended by pediatricians even small children, plant part, syrup suitable for the whole family, pleasant taste which is exactly like little children and a low price (I paid 290 rubles ).

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