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Negative review Advego what opinion some people and I, about this sayt.Vse can learn about it in this article .... - Review

-2 11.11.2012

Negative review Advego what opinion some people and I, about this sayt.Vse can learn about it in this article ....

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Internet on the Internet and then to the speed of light here to spread the truth, and quickly debunk. I understand that the fight against the system itself does not make sense, but still, if all users are deceived to tell the truth, the bad sites and services will be reduced. Because they will be left without customers. The thing is that after the placement of the first review of my blog Advego blacklist and now I can not order the ads for your blog. Although, up to this year successfully promoted his blog through Advego. A couple of days after the publication of the negative reviews about Advego my companies have been locked in Advego that mention my blog. After I fed Advego links from forums some inquiries. In comments to the prohibition stated - advertising such sites use regulations. Although, as I said above, it was advertised to the whole year. And I not only banned advertising projects, but both content. For example, I ordered the experiment to writing comments on my blog, it is not even related to advertising projects, and this campaign has been rejected. But the thing is, what does it say about the system of income. My blog is not a system of no income, it is just a blog where there is information on different topics, including about earnings on the Internet. Plus, if we are talking about the name of my blog - "Seo promotion, promotion and monetization," it again by. Because monetization is to profit from the site, not about earnings as such. I also checked out half the recent reviews, and a large part of these "otzyvschikov» BL system Webmoney = 0. Perhaps employed people, or themselves moderators monthly Regal new keeper, and on behalf of the keeper WMID write a positive review. So here is what is the market Advego and it's sad. It is sad that the leaders of the industry conduct their work in this way. The good news is that the Internet is an open environment, and all this negativity eventually emerges. His reputation can turn a blind eye when there is a steady stream of new customers who are not aware of your reputation. But what if all know what Advego who then wants to work with them? Dirtied reputation as a trifling matter, but then how to earn the respect of clients.

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