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Пицца Restaurant Spinach - Review

5 06.09.2016

It is impossible to ignore

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The Ristorante pizza for those who want to quickly get delicious, fragrant, lovely pizza ( on the holiday table is not ashamed to put).
Now, in order.
Delicious pizza on thin dough with plenty of mozzarella and Edam cheese, plus spinach, along a combination of striking flavours.
Fragrant - this is true and I believe that this is achieved through the quality of the products used in the pizza.
Beautiful - she's really beautiful, the way is absolutely different from the picture on the package.
And yeah, it's fast - really fast, unlike the pizzas from the delivery restaurants. Many frozen pizzas, and the Ristorante frozen pizza before cooking it is necessary to defrost, this pizza is not necessary, and don't worry, she'll get perfect, evenly baked. Cook in oven at 230C for 13 minutes.
In General everything on the table a delicious, beautiful pizza, and the money is quite economical to obtain.

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