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Клиндовит мой помощник!!! - Review

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Antigrippin High - stopped to help

Before, when I felt that sick with influenza, I always bought Antigrippin Maximum. Saw 4 days and the disease receded.

Capsules Linex

Linex is recommended by doctors all when taking antibiotics. But me personally, this drug does not help in stabilizing

Voltaren of emulgel pain

Has inflamed joints - arthritis, your doctor has prescribed anti-inflammatory Voltaren pain. In General Voltaren pain

Spray for the throat "Hexoral".

Spray for the throat "Hexoral" in spite of the relatively high price, efficiency is not different. Bought it for colds,


My baby was terribly sick tummy. On the advice of a doctor bought Espumizan, that he very well should help. However,

Foot Cream Avon "Foot Works" "cherry ice" too liquid

I frankly do not like the consistency of the cream: the feeling that it is diluted with tap water. Well, just bent tube

Herbal antibiotic Umckalor Umckalor

Ill daughter bronchitis. Doctor has prescribed herbal antibiotic Umckalor manufacturer, Etc. The Wilmar Schwabe,

Pills "Erespal" Les Laboratoires SERVIER have terrible side effects.

Last year my doctor prescribed these pills. The first night I drank, the morning started ... His head ached terribly,

Cough remedy Travisil

Cough remedy Travisil not a panacea, someone for whom there is no help, I personally have had an allergic reaction to

Bactoclav antibiotic tablets

When prolonged disease doctor has prescribed a new antibiotic tablets - Bactoclav. Took only two of the whole package,

Phenibut - causes a burning sensation of stomach

Due to the bustling responsible work earned a neurosis. The doctor ordered me, as an adjunct to other drugs, Phenibut.


Bought drops naphazoline cold nothing helped only made worse whole nose even more zaloilo and net drops from 2 hours of

Dental Gel HOLISAL - nothing cures

Discharged me on this gel periodontitis. It costs dearly, but I do not understand what I spent money. Therapeutic

Balm Asterisk

Once the balm Asterisk very well helped with a headache and runny nose. So I decided to buy it when I had a headache,

Gaviscon from heaviness in the stomach

Gaviscon tablets don't help get rid of gravity in the stomach, but a pack that they should eliminate such problems.

An ointment for cold Dr. Mom helps with cold symptoms.

An ointment for cold Dr. Mom very helpful for all forms colds. We use this ointment for many years. There are essential

Drops Tonginal very well help

In autumn acute vegetative-vascular dystonia, a doctor has prescribed drops Tonginal. Now only he and save. The action

Disinfect Chlorhexidine

Chlorhexidine has no smell, looks like just water, but it disinfects without the risks. For example hydrogen peroxide

Надежное средство от грибка

Когда обнаружила грибок ногтей на ноге, расстроилась: знаю, чтоб болячка эта долгоиграющая, и самый надежный способ ее л

Drugs really work.

When I found out that I have hepatic C, I had terrible depression. First was treated with conventional drugs, but the

Candles, are indispensable Betadine after birth.

I advise anyone who is just going to give birth. Bring these candles and Betadine ointment. Relieves pain after

Regular paracetamol tablets - better than any imported drugs

Always buy the most ordinary paracetamol tablets cheap Russian-made in paper containers, which are no worse than

Tetracycline eye ointment of "Tatkhimpharmpreparaty", Kazan, does not burn quickly and cures.

I tried to treat conjunctivitis different eye drops with an antibiotic. After instillation of a few minutes it was very

Helped with colds

My review is about the spray these classics. I want to recommend it to everyone who takes the imported sprays and

The best of beneficial bacteria.

Maxilac I was prescribed this year for the first time with antibiotic treatment. Sore throat is my number one problem,

Protect them during cold and flu season

I remember this winter was a big epidemic. Masks do not help, oxoline was not found. And I'm still in position. The

A great analgesic

Personally, I no-Spa greatly helps in the abdominal pain, headache, during menses. I try any other drink tablets when

Очень хорошее средство

Время от времени, думаю у всех бывают такие случаи, когда организм пару ночей в месяц категорически не хочет засыпать. П

when the chickenpox - relief of symptoms

Used the gel the first time chickenpox have a daughter - that's why no one had bothered to come up with anything like

Drops "Sofradeks" from Aventis Pharma Ltd - helping to quickly

These drops I like the most, because there are a lot cheaper counterparts, but help is not worse. The ear is no longer

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