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Ваньтун АРТИПЛАС - Review

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Motilium from Janssen-Cilag is useless

The drug Motilium manufacturer: Janssen-Cilag (France) is designed to reduce symptoms of heaviness in the stomach and

tablets omez

Hello! Some time ago, when I suffer with stomach, drinking pills omez - helped, then stopped, as there was no immediate

Candles TSEFEKON D-severe allergy

My daughter climbed teeth and had a very high fever. Pediatrician appointed to reduce the temperature rectal TSEFEKON D

Drops naselenie Vibrozil not effective.

Colds and runny nose, expressed in nasal congestion, doctor gave me naselenie drops Vibrocil (Vibrocil), Novartis

Glycoled - anti-stress drug

Absolutely stupid drug! Glycoled I ordered my therapist, after complaining of chronic fatigue and sleep deprivation,

Faringosept Ranbaxy causes sore throat

Cough medicine Faringosept from the company Ranbaxy instead of relief sore throat can increase sore. In addition, this

Iocasta gel Etc. Theiss

Recently, the daughter sprained his ankle and pulled her leg muscle. Have severe pain so I had to go to a surgeon. The

Drops for the nose Nazivin (Nasivin) - can simply destroy the delicate buds

I do not deny help to cope with a drop of nasal and fast enough. But the feeling is not pleasant to use. Nasal mucosa

Almagel A - numb - it does not mean cure!

Hello! I want to give advice. Remedy for gastritis, heartburn and stomach pain - Almagel A raznovidnot Almagel. Almagel

spray Panthenol Aloe

Advised in the drugstore spray Panthenol Aloe, to accelerate wound healing after burn. When beginning to use the tool,

Contraceptive Yasmin (Yasmin) production Bayer Schering Pharma (Baier Schering Pharma) is nausea.

Contraceptive Yasmin (Yasmin) I was appointed an endocrinologist to correct hormonal balance. Took him a month, but had

Ranitidine tablets, Health.

The mother, when the pains in the stomach, the doctor prescribed to take pills Ranitidine, after several receptions mom

Cough syrup BERLIN-CHEMIE Flamed

In winter my kids don't just get cold, the temperature usually falls off quickly, and coughed we then weeks. The

Influencer spray

ENT doctor prescribed me from chronic nasal spray for nose Influencer. After the first day of taking the drops

Simalgel heartburn does not help

The drug Simalgel Antacid for heartburn and heaviness in the stomach advised me to a local doctor, gastrology. The

Cream "Bepanten" - a safe and effective drug for kids and adults

Using Bepanten mainly for skin young child (under the diaper) cream is very effective, any diaper rash goes instantly.

Хороший препарат для профилактики

Это препарат длительного использования. За иммунитетом же нужно постоянно следить, ухаживать. Нельзя только время от вре

inexpensive and effective

Very good tested remedy for pain or inflammation in the throat. Perfectly relieves itching and pain. Consumed sparingly

Great drug!

I want to tell you about my acquaintance with Citovir. To begin with , what Citovir-this antiviral drug, and the drug

Powder for inhalation of Seretide Discus GlaxoSmithKlein - helps with wheezing in lungs

drug Seretide Discus is rather expensive, but at the same time, its inhalation is very effective. A couple of years ago

Ointment Kapsikam - helps, but you have to be careful.

Kapsikam ointment is very good for back pain, with different strains, as well as its use for warming massage. The

"Micothon" ("Micothon-aglycone ') - help with any ailments.

An excellent remedy for any disease. Starting from the usual hangover and ending with pneumonia. It cleanses the body

Homeopathy Biorga Lab. SA Oscillococcinum - good to overcome flue!

I met with this drug, when only a baby and breast-feeding, fever, sore throat. I did not know what to be treated. My

Веррукацид - раствор для домашнего удаления бородавок и папиллом.

Некоторые ходят в салон удалять бородавки и папилломы, выкладывая не малую сумму (все зависит от количества наростов). А

Принимала этот сироп, помог

Первоцвет помню мне в детстве бабушка заваривала, когда у меня кашель никак не проходил, помогало помню очень хорошо. Се

The preparation of cough, "ACC" ("Sandos" Germany) - an excellent remedy for coughs.

Constantly coughing drinking the drug. A convenient form of release - in the form of hot drink. After a single dose

Aspirin TM "Darnitsa" - a simple, cheap and a good analogue of the imported pills

Aspirin - these are pills that are periodically needed for each, as instantly removed the first signs of illness and

Выручает при климаксе

Я сама себе купила, без назначения врачей, по совету сестры и отзывам конкретно про эти таблетки, живу в Москве и попаст

Citramon forte - effective pill.

From the headache pill only drink Citramon forte. They do help. Quickly removes the burden and headache. Price of these

Antiseptic Company "Infamed" Miramistin very well reduce inflammation.

In the nail cuticle and removed her daughter had a strong inflammation. The pharmacy was advised to buy an antiseptic

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