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Армавискон - Review

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Benzyl benzoate emulsion from stripping

From pink lichen doctor prescribed benzyl benzoate emulsion. It did not help at all. The impression is that this is

Drops Vibrozil - did not help

Turning to the pediatrician with a big nose in a child, he recommended drops vibrocil , once bought, come home, poured,


A few years ago was cold, had a bad cold. Went to the hospital, my doctor has prescribed drops Pinosol, said that this

Cough syrup Bronholitin " "

Before always with ARI and bronchitis in children, and have used cough syrup " Broncholitin " from

Contraceptive Janine

Contraceptive Janine German company Bayer I was prescribed after laparoscopy. The doctor said, these pills have a

Valerian not soothes

After using VALERIAN tab. 30 mg №100, production MEDICA, Bulgaria, appeared incomprehensible anxiety and p

Original Bromhexine Berlin-Chemie - prohibitively expensive medication

a little ill - a dry cough was not coughed at all. I decided to go to the drugstore to buy a mucolytic. Pharmacy chosen

Oksolinova ointment-effect zero!

This fall weather is a real pleasure for the reproduction of viruses and germs, so wanted to play safe, bought

Foot Cream Avon

Cooling Foot Cream Foot Works is designed to eliminate fatigue, but nothing that I felt after using it. In addition,

Espumizan for kids

My baby was born in May. Doctors advised to give colic "Espumizan" for children. The first bottle bought

Suppositories rektale Anuzol Nizhpharm

After birth there was a problem of hemorrhoids, even before any such does not suffer. For the treatment of hemorrhoids

Drops "Èkzoderil" Sandoz is not very effective

Drops "Èkzoderil" from the company Sandoz is not very effective. Even with long-term use, no significant changes,

Dimexide solution for external use

I stood in the home kit without the case, the solution for external use Dimexide Corporation "Arterium" - once

Zinerit in the fight against acne

I want to share negative feedback about the product Zinerit manufactured by Astellas. Since I've been doing

Arbidol - money

With this Arbidol has twice stepped on the same rake. First time pediatrician has prescribed these pills son with a

The preparation of cough, "ACC" ("Sandos" Germany) - an excellent remedy for coughs.

Constantly coughing drinking the drug. A convenient form of release - in the form of hot drink. After a single dose

The drug "Immunal"

"Immunal" is based on Echinacea. A useful property of this plant are well known. The drug is used on a

Convenient packaging and conditions of, a good remedy for cough

The story is banal. Have a cold, runny nose, followed by cough. It's about my husband. Home sick he cannot work. So

Cough syrup "Ambrogeksal" convenient and efficient means.

Cough syrup "Ambrogeksal 'daughter was prescribed a cough. Packaged convenient measuring spoon. A very

Lidocaine spray - a local anesthetic.

Very toothache. I do not know what to do. pills did not help. I bought the pharmacy in the lidocaine spray popshykala

Heliskan of PAO CPP "Red Star" - a good immune system recovers

I like this product always helps to restore strength and immunity from illness and even after the normal, but prolonged

For the treatment of colds and flu Plethico Pharmaceuticals "Travisil" tasty and effective.

Agent for the treatment of colds and flu Plethico Pharmaceuticals "Travisil" - cough lozenges great help at

With reconna I survived graduation!

When I was admitted to law me all in one voice warned - will be difficult, prepare. But I dreamed of jurisprudence and

Medication for herpes

Chopped drug for herpes. Remission after Stimforte - 8 months.

The perfect remedy for varicose veins.

During pregnancy scored quite a lot of weight almost 30 kg, that my veins could not stand, came out, although varicom

Led the body in tone

I decided winter drink aflubin to the immune system to strengthen, in the end, after two weeks I still got sick with a

These with chamomile helped to get off vasoconstrictor

My frequent fevers made themselves felt, began to drip vasoconstrictor literally constantly, and the floor of the jar

Good drug for preventing

This is a drug long-term use. For immunity, the same must be constantly monitored, care. Not only from time to time to

Helps with menopause

I to myself bought, without prescription, on the advice sisters reviews specifically about these tablets, I live in

An effective drug

I can only say good about this company. The drug is effective, has recovered fully from CHC. The price is affordable,

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