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LLC Lotz Monday" Togliatti - Review

-5 04.09.2013

Deception Biglion and "Monday"

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We all love to save money, and why not take advantage of the discount, but also a comfortable service Biglion, I thought, when ordering through the Internet, a gift for her mother. After giving birth to shop't had time, and I decided to buy her a coupon “Lose weight quickly and easily! Save up to 72% for vacuum massage or three-step weight loss program from the health center «on Monday». The Internet revealed that the center has a bunch of specialists and carries out procedures for beauty body (
I got a beautiful gift certificate directly from the site Biglion (they have this free service) and gave my mother.
And here is the recipient of the gift coupon enrolled in Lotz «on Monday». I saw her with a stroller and a toddler to the door and left the room. What a pity that remained and has not gone... the Visit ended ahead of time - OOO Lotz «Monday» (Togliatti) and the centre-it will not name: one room with the door to the street in which it is necessary to undress... Coat and hang it on the rack near the front door and there to undress boots, but farther want to go to коечка behind the curtain.
Mom was in shock: the lack of disposable towels, sheets, Slippers... (it even when making an appointment by telephone confused: said towel and socks take!).
They issued the license and allowed to open such a facility is not clear.
In the specified coupon 3-procedures and diagnostics before and after them. Mom questioned, not contraindicated whether they wanted, and asked the advice of one of our specialists. But it turned out that she and the girl at the counter with your phone, no one. Experts in their no, they are invited by appointment only by the patient coupon come on procedures and all.
In the end, she decided to do one procedure and diagnostics before-after. But the staff salon denied her in the diagnosis, stating that it was not its FULL range specified on the coupon!!! The girl made a mum 1 procedure by connecting to the machine myostimulation, and took the coupon. In General, the recipient of the gift coupon left Lotz «Monday», with just 1 treatment and spoil your mood.
Of course, I decided to seek for justice and began to write and call in Biglion!
In the end, multi-day correspondence and designing your application, we absolutely nothing COMPENSATED! I just threw away your money, instead of buying a gift for your mom...
Here is their last reply:
«We apologize for the inconvenience. It should be noted that when purchasing a coupon LLC "Biglion" (hereinafter - the Company) You do not purchase directly for the service. The company fulfilled its obligation in respect You. In this case, the funds for Your coupon, were transferred to the partner in full, the payment for the used coupon impossible.
I hope for understanding and further cooperation.
Sincerely, Anastasia
Support +7(495)649-649-1 8(800)2000-649»

So all the slogans Biglion on customer support, reliability and refund for improper quality of services .

Tags: Monday Togliatti, Biglion hoax, biglion

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