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Капсулы Цитовир-3 от гриппа и ОРВИ - Review

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Риназолин not help

My little boy, 1.5 years, periodically we are concerned rhinitis, tried and expensive drugs, but friends advised

The drug "No-spa" in capsules from Boehringer Ingelheim - a very painful sting

Popal I recently hospitalized with exacerbation of chronic bronchitis. They stabbed me, "But, silos," when I

Side effects of drug Aimed

I started to get sick lifeless tooth, I had an x-ray - inflammation. The doctor said we will try to treat it began to

Diklak gel Salyutas Pharma GmbH

When they began to ache and swell often joints on the advice of a doctor acquired local anti-inflammatory gel from

Vitamins Ufavita Complivit "Mama"

During pregnancy had a mistake to move from expensive drugs to vitamins Ufavita Complivit "Mom." First, in 20

Livarol of supposely vaginal not help

During pregnancy suffered thrush. Gynecologist prescribed of supposely vaginal Livarol 400 mg 1 time per day. The

Balm for the gums and sage, silver, and herbs TM «Weleda» - instead of the expected effect was diarrhea

I have started bleeding gums, and I bought in a drugstore balm TM «Weleda», which was supposed to help solve this p

Diclofenac Gel-Health Ultra 5% Pharmaceutical Company Ltd "Health" - no lasting effect

Diclofenac Gel from an ultra-Health Pharmaceutical Company Ltd "Health" has applied for the treatment of the

Pastilles "Doctor MOM"

Cough lozenges "Doctor MOM" tasty, appetizing look and smell, but, alas, it is absolutely useless when you

Drop Itameren

The doctor was treating otitis ear drops Itameren, production of the CJSC "Darnitsa". Finally got complications. due to

Drug Stimol

Drug Stimol was appointed physician to my child for physical activity, fatigue and weakness after illness. No effect I

Сироп Артериум " Инспирон "

Child's syrup Arterium " Inspiron " when we had repeated coughing and throat was red. Like syrup is

Capsules against dysbiosis Bifiform

Capsules against dysbiosis "Bifiform" good, but I for one package of treatment is not enough, and there is

Syrup for children Sanofi-Aventis

Syrup for children Sanofi-Aventis. Due to the fact that the composition of the syrup attend dyes and additives, it is

The drug "Don" - my grandmother did not help

The drug is "Don" is a real breakthrough in pharmacology in the treatment of joint and I am inclined to

Drugs "Kaffetin" - helps.

Drugs "Kaffetin" really helps with the strong and constant headaches. But for all that you have to be

Antiseptic Spray "Orasept" from "Sagmel" - a sore throat will remove as soon as possible

Whenever I have a sore throat starts, the first drug that I remember - Orasept. This high-speed spray instantly

Headache tablets Panamax - better than dipyrone

Recently tried to take pills for headaches Panamax and felt a noticeable effect. They are weaker than ibuprofen, but

Не крепит, а устраняет причину диареи

С наступлением лета у нас в семье регулярно возникает такая неприятная ситуация как диарея, затрагивает она всех - и дет

The remedy for allergies "Tavegil" - works!

The remedy for allergies "Tavegil" help my friend overcome an allergy to poplar fluff, but in our city is a

Quickly cure a cough in the background of bronchitis

Treated respiratory therapist assigned to the treatment did not help and 2 weeks of SARS turned into bronchitis! Was

Lamikon of Farmak - cure fungus on foot

antifungal drug Lamikon really works and helps in the fight against the fungus. Only it must be applied regularly week,

Cream Pimafucin production Astellas Pharma Europe BV (Yamonouchi) quickly healed yeast.

After the birth had to take antibiotics, which caused the thrush. Pleasant was very little, especially given the

Curiosin-gel (Gedeon Richter), a good tool, but not a panacea

Enjoyed a time Kuriozinom.Chto happy is the fact that the gel is almost never annoying litso.To have this tool can be

Гидрогель при ветрянке ПоксКлин

Нам врач ПоксКлин назначал, когда дети ветрянкой болели. Теперь всем знакомым советуем просить враче его назначить. Очен

Глюкофаж эффективный препарат с минимумом побочных эффектов.

Добрый день! У меня диабет 2 типа. Эндокринолог, чтобы снизить уровень глюкозы в крови (уровень сахара) назначил принима

Complex homeopathic medicine Engistol on "Heel" - perfect activates the body's defenses

This drug, I began to take while pregnant, because in this position allowed only natural remedies. As soon as the first

Candide solution for external application1% luchit nail fungus!

After a pedicure appeared fungus on the nail plate. I knew that to cure nail fungus on hard enough! Candide helped me

Conveniently treated syrup

Bought this syrup on the recommendation of friend, was treated with essential medicines that are prescribed by the

Birth control pills Gedeon Richter Three regolith - I came

"sat" on this pill almost four years. Everything is on the clock, pain became less, the weight is not

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