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ООО «Лана Керамика» - Review

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Antisil 770 for removal of sealants

Blow into a silicone sealant slit at the front door and the sealant on the metal, it was not a pretty sight, and

cement in bags TS50 production St. Petersburg factory was of poor quality.

Engaged in trading and selling building materials mainly cement in bags TS50 production St. Petersburg factory, but the

Onduline roofing sheet (brown) (Poland)

covered the roof of his private house Onduline. After five years of operation, all of the sheets is very faded. If you

Primer deep penetration "Primus" TM Primus, LLC - almost water

I bought a primer of deep penetration "Primus" TM Primus, LLC. Very disappointed in this solution, priming

Adhesive glues the bad Dekostil′

Glue "Dekostil′" is difficult to glue anything, although it is designed for polystyrene, but even this light material, g

Sanitary silicone FORMULA-1 bad

Completed home remodeling the bathroom. When the work was finished, it's time to seal the bathtub. For this purpose,

Clay tile quickly - disappointment

Doing in the bathroom renovation. Bought tile adhesive quickly. But instead of the joy of the acquisition and the early

Polyurethane foam for the pistol from the company Okyanus Kimya - a lot of cons

The first downside is of course the fact that it freezes incredibly fast. I had to constantly clean the nozzle of the

Disperse dye DUFA D230

For painting rooms apartments bought several cans of dispersive dye DUFA, D230. It is mixed with paint " Snow

Construction adhesive mesh Converse

Bad construction adhesive mesh "converse" which I tried to impose the ceiling seam is not bumpy or using PuTTY with

Жидкие гвозди " " малоэффективны OLYMPUS

During the repair of an apartment we have to buy " " liquid nails. You had to glue the wall panels.

The HP work ill FINISH with PuTTY

To align the wall surface were advised to use the plaster FINISH of HP špaklëvku branded KNAUF. Oh and namučilis′ with t

Putty Knauf Fugenfuller

Engaged in repair, friends advised putty corners and joints of gypsum putty Knauf Fugenfuller, because it is very firm

home and garden

Recently bought the paint at the store, it is designed for painting walls and ceilings, but not quality. Caparol

Penosil Universal Silicone Sealant

Used Penosil Universal Silicone Sealant about a year ago. It may be that what I do is not true, because not an expert

Московская металлобаза - отвратительно!

Не предоплачивайте им ничего - пока все не привезут. Нам едва четверть партии довезли, после того, как оплатили весь зак

Клей для плитки керамической и керамогранита «Строймомент» СМК 11

Супруг везде самостоятельно укладывал плитку, но клей для плитки керамической и керамогранита "Строймомент" СМК 11 покуп

Self Handwer - excellent quality

Did a ceiling made of drywall screws and bought Handwer. Very pleased with them. They are sharp and solid. Cut the

Construction glue "Moment. Rugged" - a good glue!

This glue I was offered the chance to use! Now, none of the construction in my house is complete without this great

A quality drywall in Karaganda - its not often you meet

It seems to be quite common building material, without which we can not do without if you do repairs. But finding a

Liquid Nails

The farm can be useful even liquid nails. I had a case where between the kitchen and the bathroom was a big hole under

штукатурка гипсовая СтройМомент СМК 25

Купили данную штукатурку по рекомендации строителей, которые нам делали отделку под ключ. Закупкой всех строительных мат

Stucco "PlastWR" worked well.

It was necessary to align the wall for this purpose we were advised to buy a plaster "PlastWR" from the

Flooring "Comfort" - good products

made recently renovated house in the country, in particular, changed the floor. As a coating selected floor boards from


Купил плитку два года назад и как то руки не доходили до укладки плитки, так и стояла во дворе на поддонах. Сейчас масте

Adhesive-Sealant Silicone-very good.

Me and my husband liked Adhesive Sealant Silicone, it is a very good job with its main task. At our house between the

Evroruberoid "Technonikol" - an excellent building material

It was necessary to cover the garage, because sometimes leaked. For relatively little money six months ago, bought a

A mixture of masonry "Oogonek" TM "Euromir" - super!

With a mixture of masonry, I put the tiles perfectly, which is held very firmly, and never falls off. The mixture does

Onduline - an excellent roofing materal.

This year's cut off the roof on the gazebo at his dacha. He stopped at a roofing material, as Odrulin Polish

There is a choice and guarantee

Roof of galvanised recede into the past, and very well. Looks like this mess of the wild, paint it peeling off quickly.

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