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Опрыскиватель садовый Echo SHR-170SI - Review

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Spare sponge/MOP "hryvna P.»

Cleaning with a small child at home has to do it often, especially wash floors. For mops regularly change the sponge,

Sealant "GermentMoment" does not fulfill its function.

Who used the sealant "GermentMoment" he will understand me! This means I saw in the advertisement, bought the

Liquid against mosquitoes "Nekusajka" is dead!

There was heat, flew into the open Windows of mosquitoes. Had to buy liquid against mosquitoes "Nekusajka" produces

Bedding La Scala, was not expecting such a disappointment.

My husband and I bought pillows and bed linen sets La Scala, were satisfied with such acquisition. We thought - France,

" my family " for washing dishes

Dishwashing liquid for my family I really didn't like was them he borrowed from his parents. Tried the "cleaning" after

Liquid against mosquitoes Mosquitall useless

Liquid against mosquitoes Mosquitall useless. I purchased this tool to fumigatora, because the apartment there are

Detergent Henkel Perwoll Color Magic (Henkel Pervolia Color Magic) for colored laundry - streak

Assuming that the liquid detergent less ruthlessly than for colored laundry powders, chose Henkel Perwoll Color Magic

"SOFT CLEAN" for washing dishes - a drop uneconomical tool

Even though it means and concentrated, but not at cost: as I pour the sponge conventional detergent, the same, and this

L.O.C. Multifunctional cleaner from Amway

Bought L.O.C. multi-purpose cleaner from Amway (Lok Amway) which means a multifunctional cleaner cleans well but is too

Ware tool for Frosch Green Lemon, 0.5 liters of fluid - can not be used without gloves

very powerful tool, cleans the dishes with a bang, but here it is merciless hand, causes dermatitis immediately after

Plastic Hanger 42cm center, 3pc - completely impractical

On a hanger, as it turned out, nothing is impossible to hang up, kryuchochek she immediately razginaetsya and it falls,

Frosch cleaning cream does not clear

Always trusted brand Frosch (Frosch), but by buying a cleaning cream disappointed. He is not clean, well short even

Softener E Family Size Rain Forest "Rainforest" 1.5 liter - no effect

In addition to adding air conditioning rinse clothes becomes smell, other advantages such as not found. Even with the

Mosquito spray " " price " "

Spray against mosquitoes by favorable price does not protect from insects. Despite its low price, the quality is simply

Cleaner for shower Ajax (Ajax) does not remove plaque

To clean the shower chose cleaner soul Ajax (Ajax). The composition is easy to cope with minor contamination, but

Mug Tomson "Oak" 280ml - very roomy

Mug I liked at first glance, it looks neat, pretty strictly and simply, moreover, has a remarkable volume, a very

Means "antilinear" on Frau Schmidt - bleached white blouse

Last week there was a confusion, along with the white stuff stretched a new yellow towel. Most of all it was a pity

Napkins Fantastisk Ikea - not expensive but very nice napkins

napkin I really like Ikea Fantastisk. First of all, for their low cost, and secondly, they are very attractive (unless

The best option is the elimination of defects of the old ceiling

I think it is still the best option - ceilings. More pluses than minuses. A. Very nice. Two. Do not see the defects of

Geyser Water Filter 3 - a good filter.

We have recently installed a filter Geyser 3, and has during that time I had time to realize that this is a great

Dryer RockyMughetto - an excellent and easy-dryer.

At home I have no place to dry things, as there is no balcony. On the street I do not always posting things because

Rinser dryer Sentinell fresh "Lilacs" by Rosch waschmitte - good antistatic

could not cope with the problem, I have always dresses and skirts sticking to tights just do not ottyanesh, but as

BBQ Grill "Expedition" - the correct thing.

We are big fans get out into nature, and which nature is not a barbecue? BBQ Grill "Expedition" - is a

The plates of the Mosquito Raid - reliable protection.

In the summer, especially at night, mosquitoes were getting much. Once in the apartment was used, and the plates

Persil Gel Laundry Concentrate - an excellent choice for washing.

Erases just fine, had forgotten about the spot, even at low wash temperatures. Color does not lose color and become

Cotton sling with a pocket FORESTER C160S-friendly hammock.

After the grueling work in the country, and want to rest, but to the house to go to summer weather does not want to, so

Pronto - an aerosol furniture "Classic Shine" - the furniture is in order.

To keep your furniture in its original form, I bought a few tools to furniture. But most of all I liked the furniture

Packages for baking Bok-with clips with easy and delicious.

I understood that the packages for baking with clips is much easier than normal. I use the package Bok with clips. They

Dishwashing detergent Fairy Green Apple on "Procter & Gamble" - the fat does not leave a trace

my dishes by hand, because clearly define how well the vehicle washes the dishes. Have tried various means to dishes,

Clocks Casio ID-11-1D (Japan) - for those who like discreet style

The beautiful wall clock-known Japanese manufacturer, although there are not cheap, but quality in their height, for a

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