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Shampoo Higienica - Review

5 07.09.2019

From lice in one application does.

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I shampoo Higienica advised one of my good friend, when I found out about in the garden straight epidemic of head lice began in several groups, and we are not party. Shampoo at the pharmacy and immediately on the same day, processed hair and your daughter. Did everything according to the instructions and say to use the shampoo is easy to apply, withstand twenty minutes, rinse and comb out. All these procedures I have not even one hour left, all easy to weceslas the scallops, which were included. Live lice I found when combing, NIT was not enough, but also I think it's dead. One treatment was enough to get rid of head lice. In General,if someone has had the same problem, then panic and not get upset, shampoo higienica take it effective and harmless.

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