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Shampoo SYOSS - Review

-5 18.01.2014

From the shampoo SYOSS has dandruff

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Povelas′ on advertising and ridiculous price 34 UAH per 500 ml. Bought shampoo for normal and SYOSS hair thin, very disappointed in the end. Used shampoo for about 10 days during this time of normal and healthy hair become dull. I scored a panic and cease to use it as shampoo gave her husband, but after a few applications there dandruff! The products of this brand now and not come close.

Tags: shampoo for normal to fine hair, dandruff shampoo, syoss, dandruff

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Hairspray "Pretty Woman."

Lacquers hair use very rarely, but it happens when you need to fix my hair. Recently bought himself for this purpose,

Shampoo Syoss has not lived up to expectations

How do I recommend a girlfriend I bought this beautiful shampoo " " according to them. I took from

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Shampoo "Klia Vita Abe" Active sport for men Anti-dandruff husband was used, noting a slight peeling,

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Cosmetics This is recommended for use in beauty salons. Despite its clearly overpriced, the quality of the shampoo I

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Tempted to advertising and discounts in store for household bought shares shampoo head & shoulders (hedge ened

Shampoo Revivor-Perfect from the joint venture "Bielita"-a terrible shampoo

shampoo I bought this to improve hair growth shampoo is not worse than in the nature! Were led to positive reviews and

Head and Shoulders shampoo disappoint.

After applying the shampoo Head and Shoulders dandruff moisturizing care for the scalp with almond oil production

Shampoo "with a complex of Burdock Bh intensiv +" manufacturer NPO "Elf" - does not get rid of dandruff and not foam.

At the pharmacy, bought shampoo "Burdock with a set of Bh intensiv +". This shampoo is absolutely no foam,

Shampoo Syoss recovery and strength

Bought this shampoo in commercials. After having washed them down just once, there was a terrible dandruff and

Shampoo Syoss (Cíes)

Purchased shampoo Syoss Nutrition (Nutrition Cíes). shampoo has a strange texture, as if diluted properly before use,

Shampoo Timotei Men coolness and freshness (Timothy Maine coolness and freshness) - smells bad and causes dandruff

Shampoo Timotei Men coolness and freshness (Timothy Maine coolness and freshness) I just did not like his persistent

Shampoo Digtyarny (Tar) stubborn and leaves an unpleasant odor.

Shampoo Digtyarny (Tar) stubborn and leaves an unpleasant odor. After using the skin starts to peel off, the hair

Intensive Mask for dry and damaged hair Syoss - Bad Mask!

Intensive Mask for dry and damaged hair to restore Syoss dry hair. I turned the opposite effect - after her hair began

Head and Shoulders shampoo disappoint.

Shampoo for men Head and Shoulders (Head End shoulders) from the manufacturer Procter & Gamble (P & G) do not

Shandy nettle shampoo and mint

Start using shampoo Shandy nettle and peppermint almost lost hair. Shampoo foams well and cleans the hair without

And we sebozol!

The daughters have dandruff on your head, and I decided to buy her a good tool. Since the advertisements I don't trust,

Hair Dye Schwarzkopf Syoss Mixing Colors - bad Paint

Hair Schwarzkopf Syoss Mixing Colors. I'll start with the most important color of the paint is not as declared on

Mousse Hair manufactured for Hashanah (JSC "Arnest" Nevinnomyssk) - cheap mousse is not even a bad

Mousse is made specifically for Auchan, hence its democratic price - about 50 rubles. For this price it is not badly

Shampoo Dandruff Shampoo Schwarzkopf "Seborin". Really gets rid of dandruff.

Unfortunately, there was a problem like dandruff. It was. The pharmacy was advised this shampoo. It really helps!

Shampoo "Healthy Hair" dandruff from AVON - a great shampoo

I really liked, well-washes his hair, has an unusually pleasant smell. Following its use hair shine crunch. And the

Pasta SOULTZ 1% of the LLC "AMALGAM Suite" - the first assistant in the anti-dandruff

I will not describe how long my husband struggled with dandruff, it's tedious and boring. I can only say, that did

Set "Silium" for bleaching unwanted hair on the face, hands and feet, with mallow and chamomile - ideal

Earlier my mom never used such means, although the desire has always been. Used only for the hairs on the face, after

CONCEPT Serum for hair for split ends

This is a unique serum to care for split ends from the series of professional CONCEPT. I bought on the advice of

Volum boost Oriflame quality shampoo

I really like the shampoo for fine hair "Expert-volume." After I wash my head of hair shampoo for a long time

Hairspray Taft three forecast the volume of super-strong fixation 225ml - good paint

Using varnish Taft I liked it, creates a volume of just the plain, good fixes her hair, not confusing them and gluing,

кончики перестали сечься.

Мои волосы с этими витаминами для волос обрели блеск и силу. Даже мой 3-х летний сынок увидел разницу и сказал,что мои

Rinse Nivea dazzling diamond glitter to make 200ml - works

Use conditioner was relatively recent, but the results are already evident, the hair after it became more alive, look

Shampoo CLEAR VITA ABE "Protection against loss of hair" like dandruff.

Shampoo CLEAR VITA ABE "Anti-Hair Loss' dandruff has a nice smell, great washes, dandruff began to disappear,

Oil for dry and damaged hair, "Wheat and coconut" from Oriflame - the only worthwhile product of the Seri

A series of dry and damaged hair, "Wheat and coconut" from Oriflame fully tried and the only product of

Spray from Avon styling with protection from heat effects AdvanceTechiques-good spray.

I like to use the spray from Avon styling with protection from heat effects AdvanceTechiques. It protects the hair

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