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Powder for washing Eared nannies - can not cope with the many dirt

Perhaps the manufacturer and are not treated to produce powder for baby things tougher, but still in its composition

CIF cream lemon Čistâŝij asset

Cleansing cream " active " of lemon CIF LLC " Unilever " positioned as a tool which

A universal stain remover pen-EDELSTAR - spots are

You might think that this pencil is a magic-remover: Do people believe in it. A neighbor bought it and thought that all

Hitki Thread (PE "Madame Tricote Paris") - the quality is lame

got the home range of thread, a lot of beautiful variety of colors and shades, the joy knew no bounds, until it took

Lemon balm from NC ELIT

Headache doctor recommended to drink tea with lemon balm. I bought the seeds according to the instructions on the

Powder Eared nurses - did not like.

I did not like the powder for baby clothes Eared nannies. He manages to bring only the freshest and difficult stains.

Insecticide "BUN"

We live out of town, so the subject of flies in the house with Maya to October we are very relevant. We try and beat

Tefal pan 04080340, the truth is as good as advertised

Frying Pan is good, do not stick to it. But still I was unsure whether it is dangerous to health is a non-stick

Spray the flies COBRA.

Hunted flies aerosol super COBRA, sprayed more than offers instruktsiya.zapah very unpleasant, chemical, but still

Conditioner for linen Lenor

When was the last time bought conditioner for linen Lenor, drew attention to an unusual inscription on the packaging.

Pan Metrot Emin 2 l enamel - very heavy

gave me an enamel pot Metrot Emin, who looked pretty, painted, and a small volume of two liters, but also to lift

Drives the purity of " Dressing duckling " bad

Drives the purity of " Dressing " from " duckling Es. c. Johnson " promise

Гель Losk total system

Gel Losk total system I did not like it-he washes bad pollution, with spots generally cannot keep up, smell on clothes

Салфетка universal Microfiber - обыкновенная!

In search of the perfect tool for cleaning Microfiber cloth bought his wife a "universal" Microfibra made in China. On

Washing powder REX not washes

Bought a washing powder REX Henkel 3 x asset color, without phosphates. Stated that the powder will keep the bright

Steaming Berghoff 2700266 - Great Steamer!

Design Berghoff 2700266 steamer is quite simple: pan + perforated insert and lid. It is very convenient, easy to clean

Dishwashing detergent "DROP VOX" is really fat launderers

In order to save not decided to buy an expensive dish detergent. I was very surprised by the quality of money

Softener Lenor "Nordic Spring" - a good tool.

When each washing add fabric softener Lenor. Spent a little tool, it lacks a long time. Linen smell the freshness of

Fondue VITESSE VS-1862 Sidonia - gourmet-lovers

a birthday surprise my friends by giving fondue. At first, I just do not know what to do with it, but then, a little

Dishwashing liquid Fairy good washing up liquid.

How-it bought in a store dishwashing liquid Fairy and now my dishes just this way. Fairy washes grease and dirt, even

Bags for making ice cubes PACLAN-irreplaceable.

In the summer I always buy bags for making bricks, most of all I liked the bags PACLAN. They can easily fill the water,

Rinser dryer Sentinell fresh "Lilacs" by Rosch waschmitte - good antistatic

could not cope with the problem, I have always dresses and skirts sticking to tights just do not ottyanesh, but as

Track TM "Set-Agro" wooden garden 1.5 meters - handy

Track is good, we bought several of these to the country, they are very easy to use, easy to rasstelayutsya, fit well,

Means for washing the gel on your Dreco super-and-Kerperflegemit - washes nothing to do

Good quality washing the gel with just secured. Gel effective, yet German production speaks for itself. What I like

Filter water pitcher Aquaphor "Premium" is a good filter

Filter water pitcher Aquaphor "Premium." Excellent clean water, the taste of a nice, easy to clean, a filter

Utility knife BRAUBERG-a great knife.

My husband enjoys universal knife BRAUBERG, and it can truly be called universal. It is suitable for any work that cuts

Filter water pitcher "Barrier" Grand, now drink only purified water

Filter differs from other similar fact that it has added a special granule, which enrich the water with all the

AMWAY - cleaner ovens - the best way to remove the old grease

Cleaning agent for ovens - even though it's called, I use it on all kinds of metal surfaces without coating or

The contour of the glass and ceramics "Decola" - a very good path.

I used to master something for the house and I always have on hand is a circuit on the glass and ceramics

Super dry cleaning

My husband is a heavy smoker and once his cigarette fell to the carpet, and then left the hole.I don't even know what

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