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Tsitovir - 3 powder for solution for children - Review

5 31.01.2017

A great inexpensive tool

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We "tsitovir" appointed pediatrician when my son did not help the ordinary non-drug treatment. Unusual was that the doctor immediately recommended powder form of release, it surprised me, because usually doctors prescribe pills, in extreme cases, the syrup. The doctor explained that this form of production is most useful, because the powder does not pass through the hepatic barrier, and the effect spreads throughout the body plus powder is non-allergenic, allowing the baby to avoid rashes and small hives. The effect of the application notice on the second day, the child slowly getting my appetite back, he became more mobile. Convenient and form of the drug in suspension, it tastes nice (we took with cranberry taste). Now accept it at the first sign of a cold, sometimes to prevent, if remains.

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