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Фурасол, порошок для приготовления раствора для местного и наружного применения - Review

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Gaviscon peppermint liquid does not help

Recently I had terrible heartburn, which greatly bothered me more. The doctor in Turkey advised Gaviscon peppermint

Dr. IOM ointment

When I was ill, bought the ointment of Dr. MOM smeared chest so struggled with the cough. But the ointment was

Ointment from herpes simplex Herpevir.

Somehow I have a herpes. The thing of course is not fatal, but not very pleasant, so I went to the pharmacy, hoping to

The gel is for external use "Gepatrombin"

Was looking at the pharmacy remedy for varicose veins, pharmacist advised me gel for external use "Gepatrombin" as a

Nasal drops "Rinorus" do not help

To catch a cold in the summer heat-elementary. In order not to delay treatment with runny nose, I decided to purchase

Gel Contractubex useless

After removal of appendicitis, the doctor prescribed smear scar gel contractubex, and advertising looked, which States

Nasal drops RINT Nasal Spray Moisture

Bought from runny nose nasal drops RINT Nasal Spray Moisture. The drops did not help, bad taste and not punch the nose.

Ointment Levomekol - does not help.

I bought Levomekol ointment at a pharmacy on prescription (erosion). After a month of use, the results of treatment

Atik cream from Sandoz

Colds at Bay (herpes) pharmacy advised to purchase "Acik cream from Sandoz". Used about a week, but alas rash was not


My grandmother from headaches doctor prescribed to take pills SEDALGIN PLUS, since these pills are supposed to relieve

"Lisinoril" from TEVA causes cough

Prescribed husband from high pressure "Lisinoril" 10 mg from TEVA. Somewhere through the week with a few began to

Aerosol "Ingalipt" (AT "Stoma") - does not help a cough!

Aerosol "Ingalipt" (AT "Stoma") wrote the doctor, when my husband had a bad cough! The structure is

Carminative Infakol (Simethicone)

When my kid was faced with a problem as infant colic, the doctor gave us a carminative Infakol (Simethicone). It has a

Drops nazale, 0.1% Galazolin

Bought nasal drops, 0.1% Galazolin, WARSAW PHARMACEUTICAL WORK POLFA S.A, after the first application of no effect was

Balsam "Semgen" from the Corporation Siberian Health - useless for attacks of sciatica

Grandfather frequent bouts of sciatica, which had to do something. Went to the Siberian Healthcare Corporation to pick

For the treatment of colds and flu Nurofen, a good tool.

As soon as the baby was three months, I bought Nurofen in the kit to advance the tool was in the house. I told my

A great analgesic

Personally, I no-Spa greatly helps in the abdominal pain, headache, during menses. I try any other drink tablets when

With reconna I survived graduation!

When I was admitted to law me all in one voice warned - will be difficult, prepare. But I dreamed of jurisprudence and

tabletki "Shiitake" From "Evalar" a good preventive measure.

Nedavno nA rabote education has been at the nac dovolno nepriyatnaya ictoriya. Odnoy of cotrudnits ctavili podozrenie


Daughter for three years does not hurt!!!then they started to go to kindergarten and away(((every week was sick with

A good tool

I liked pills Sage from the Natur Produkt, bought when the throat tickle the beginning, the tablets should dissolve.

kapculy "Octrum" From "Evalar" focus attention.

HOW TO tak uchuc I zaochno, a for this there is also rabotayu, verily prihoditcya poctigat programmy Firmware entire

Biniamin the menopause, opinion

Apparently, that was not boring, climax, I began simultaneously with the climax of my close friend, so to speak, the

Economical syrup

I don't know a lot of the cough syrups which also help the immune system. Usually need to treat cough several means – e

Ivy from wet cough

To eliminate a cough for a few days will help gerbion syrup with ivy. Importantly, only treatment not delay, the sooner

Nootropil Novo

After my company changed the leader, the work began to go as hard labor. Moreover, that man by nature is heavy, so also

Worm suspension of 10ml. Manufacturer: Mili Healthcare, UK. Effective!

My son came roundworm, probably from the dog picked up, although we take care of them well! Worm immediately started to

Well helps with pain in the digestive tract

Aabutin happens take if my stomach hurts for some reason, I have often happens that the digestive tract is acting up,

Aerius allergy pills effective but expensive.

Allergy tablets Aerius is excellent, but very expensive drug allergies. Brother helps very well: removes all the

Took the syrup helped

Primrose I remember my childhood, my grandmother brewed when I have a cough is not passed, helped remember very well.

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