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Вейп-магазин - Review

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Catalog clothing Ellos - cat in a bag

There was a time when very much like to place an order, but after reading the conditions rejected the idea. A lot of

Olladina DNS (DNS) - lazy sellers

Daughter decided to buy a tablet, chose the Samsung. Price matches the quality. Stores enough, there is plenty to

Shop of the hotel's Aqua Blue Hurghada

Bought for underwater camera down to 24 kadra.Byl surprised that quickly ended the film, the printout showed that an

shop "Puck" in Tver

I really wanted to make the house as it was uyutnym.Chtoby and stylish, and functional, and decided to let myself

In the store, "Light the World" in Maikop too intrusive service.

In the shop, "Light the World" in Maikop large selection of lamps, sconces and chandeliers. Prices from

Shop "Tsifrovik"

I do not like the staff. A broken webcam, which is out of service during the warranty period, checked on the service

Shop H & M (Moscow, Golden Babylon) - there is no choice

In contrast to the choice of Ekaterinburg in the store there, and even if you find something, then the size is unlikely

At the grocery store, "Julia" in the village Mizoch weight wrong buyers

buy a couple of times where the products creeping suspicion that the weight of the product as it is not consistent. And

How to return the money for a certificate of additional service purchased in El Dorado

I Gotcha the bait only once, when buying a freezer. Additional certificate for 1 year worth slightly less than one

"Julia," Ust-Kamenogorsk

Clothing Store Julia can not boast a large assortment of clothing. But, in principle, there are children, women's

Gourmand in the Komsomol, Nikolaev - rough saleswoman

A holiday and we decided to celebrate. Usually, we buy in your area, but that day I was in the Komsomol, and went into

Kids' store 'baby house' Dnepropetrovsk - sky-high price

Store pretty big, beautiful, has a wide range of children's products, but looking at the prices your eyes do not

Shoe shop on the boulevard Shevchenko (Minsk) - poor range of

I the store as a child I remember thirty years ago, my mother my sandals they bought for kindergarten. Now I go there

Shop "Dubois" in Vladikavkaz - trying in vain

I'm a bad product, "Dubois". This is a Brazilian meat, and who knows what to do with him, he reached us.

Shop "The House of Welding" in Kharkov - need to buy by paying upon receipt

Very original works shop. They have a system of delivery prepaid. So that's it, I advise you not to use it. They

Shop "for body and soul" in Maikop, you can always buy good gifts.

Shop "for body and soul" in Maikop - hroshee place for the selection and acquisition of high-quality domestic

In the shoe store, "Ata baht" in Maikop large selection of good shoes.

Shoe Shop 'Ata baht "in Maikop attracts buyers system of bonuses and special discounts for members of the

Shop ATB

Great store, lots of different products and at a very low price.

Children's Store "Fountik" Dnepropetrovsk - a wide selection of children's products

It is impossible to leave the store without buying some empty-handed, there are a lot of useful things for your child,

Shop "Children."

I like all the children's store shopping is children, because in my opinion it is just value for money. I believe

"Second-hand bookseller" in a bookstore "Knowledge" (Karaganda): old store old books

Department "Bookinist" in store "Knowledge" - the only place in town where you can buy old books

In the Artist, Nikolaev polite sellers

In Store Artist very polite and compliant professional sellers. I see this situation for many years and is very happy

In the store, "Plumbing" in Maikop, a great selection of high quality and modern plumbing.

In the shop, "Plumbing" in Maikop, a great selection of everything related to bathroom accessories and

Chain stores "Fixed Price" - all for the life of 36 rubles.

Chain stores "Fix Price". In Moscow, the number is approaching fifty. All products at a fixed price of 36

Shop "1000 little things" in Dnepropetrovsk - a lot can be found

Store that has consistently running more than one year, how many can remember, and always full of a variety of goods,

Shop «Paradise» Pr. Mayakovsky 26. Kiev - the air for the money.

We have not far from the house there is a shop uplifting. This store balloons «Paradise». Generally, they are decorated

shopping "center Shoes - My Choice

I've heard that many hesitate to say that shoes bought in the store," Center for Shoes. "But believe me

Chain stores "ATB-Market" - low prices

Always go for the products in this shop, as prices in the ATB is much lower than in other stores. The store has all the

Shop Baby No. 1 in St. Petersburg - a favorite store of children's goods

Baby No. 1 the best shop for those who prefer exclusivity and luxury in everything. It is situated on Bolshoy prospect

Chain stores household "EVA" (Kharkiv)

In this city of Kharkiv has a good network of shops household "Eve", which are always conveniently located

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