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Vitamins Solgar - Review

5 10.11.2016

Great vitamins

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I want to tell you about another drug, the Solgar vitamins, which we bought and drank this time with the whole family. Extract of Echinacea purpurea. Because of colds we have this extended family illness, the end of summer of course was puzzled by the fact that the school is on the nose, so our snot and coughing again will take its place. I decided to try what is prevention. My friend works in a hospital, ask the doctor which drugs are less harmful and not really effective. Got the answer - Echinacea tincture. At the pharmacy I was offered the option of an alcohol tincture, but her children give not much you had to give up and ask for the option in tablets. In tablets I was suggested three choices and one of them was Solgar. Because I know this producer, took this bottle. Then the truth he bought another one, because all we lacked. But the result is the most important thing. In school September 1 already had a couple kids sick, though clearly. Now small says have at least 5 people on the stage did not go to school. We are still holding up, although I was in the forefront. My husband and I also feel perfectly. Even came out of the holiday with new forces at work, already very nice.

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