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Magnesium Solgar - Review

4 26.07.2016

Great vitamins for all occasions

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Magnesium is always among the drugs that I take, because vitamin-mineral complexes it is usually not. Meanwhile, there are plenty of reasons to pay attention to it. Migraine. Very often the cause of headaches is a common lack of magnesium. High blood pressure solely due to magnesium deficiency. Few people even know of the high blood pressure that magnesium can replace a hypertension medicine belonging to the group of calcium channel blockers, with no side effects. Magnesium is able to prevent the production of stress hormones. Magnesium is a great muscle relaxant. For any pain related to spasm of muscles, including back pain, magnesium helps to cheer. Again, if you are taking calcium, magnesium will help the body to direct calcium to the recipient, bone structure, and not to postpone it on the walls of blood vessels. In sports magnesium strengthens the muscles, making them elastic, reduces hypertonicity of the muscles. Another plus prevention of formation of sand and stones in the kidneys. The prevention of stress in pregnant women and hypertonicity of the uterus. In addition it is completely safe and, if necessary, it can take at least constantly. I drink it in spring and autumn. Why Solgar? Yes, because vitamins this manufacturer is taking a very long time and different and one has only to look at the packaging, it will immediately become clear about what is inside, the quality is guaranteed by years name of the manufacturer.

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