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Kronotex Aqua Robusto - Review

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Bad glue DEN Braven

I had to repair glue trim to the door frame. For this purpose, liquid nails bought from the firm DEN Braven (Holland).

Gypsum PuTTY Dashing Foreman

When renovating a bathroom used plaster casings brand Dashing Foreman produced in the town of Beryozovsky. PuTTY is not

Putty Knauf Fugenfuller

Engaged in repair, friends advised putty corners and joints of gypsum putty Knauf Fugenfuller, because it is very firm

Glossy enamel Zebra

Glossy paint Zebra dries to form a rough bumpy surface. Very much it was not pleasant, that she too long dries, paint

Roofing "Bioline Cascade" from the firm, "biologist" - never buy!

This metalocherepitsey covered the house two years ago. Claimed the life of 50 years. But the following summer in the

Finishing Putty Knauf

For the plastered walls in the apartment chosen finish putty Knauf, what later regretted. Color of putty on the wall

Linoleum Evolution Venezia, Tarkett - breaks through the year

Tarkett have entrusted us because it says the seller produces high-quality linoleum, but it is not so. My brother loves

Adhesive for ceramic tile " Tim "

Tim No. 31, STANDARD Adhesive for ceramic tiles from OOO " " bought technology and materials for

Wallpaper glue Quelyd Express

Wallpaper glue Quelyd Express not necessary at all to use to prepare a glutinous mixture should at least have a hand

Adhesive glues the bad Dekostil′

Glue "Dekostil′" is difficult to glue anything, although it is designed for polystyrene, but even this light material, g

Sniezka Шпаклевочная масса Акрил-Путц (acrylic plaster)

For the PuTTY gipsokartonovogo ceiling špaklevočnuû purchased a ton of Sniezka Acrylic-Putz (Acryl-Putz). Water mass di

Antisil 770 for removal of sealants

Blow into a silicone sealant slit at the front door and the sealant on the metal, it was not a pretty sight, and

Cemented Eunice Horizon substandard

Cemented Eunice Horizon - used for leveling the floor in the bathroom. 25 kg bag is 270rubley, very cheap! Promised on

Latex paint Alpina Mattlatex

Latex paint Alpina Mattlatex very thick, dilute it should be every time, not just the first one (the first layer), as

Deck Vinyl siding is not always possible to apply for oblitsvki wall.

For the lining of the back of the house decided to use vinyl siding Deck. For krepeleniya siding and leveling the

Moscow Metallobaza - disgusting!

Not predplechye them anything - until bring. We are barely a quarter of the party was taken, after he paid for the

Alabaster UNIS (5 kg) of good quality

We use Gypsum to seal holes in the floor, who gnawed through the mouse. Cement is not suitable because they do not have

Galvanized steel furring SteelFrame

Ordered design and decoration of the facade of his suburban house in a local firm. Offered a choice of a couple of

Glass (Czech Republic), "The World of Glass" (Karaganda) - quality products

It was necessary to make a stained glass window (like draw our art studio with a taste). Been looking for in an

Shutters - Dorhan

Ordered Shutters - Dorhan like the quality,wide range of products.We will seek another. the website


Purchased the tiles two years ago and as there was no time for laying tile, and stood in the yard on pallets. Now the

Flooring "Comfort" - good products

made recently renovated house in the country, in particular, changed the floor. As a coating selected floor boards from

Lana Ceramics

Online store Langarica is the best range of ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles with the largest warehouse in Russia.

From thermoblocks very warm home

We have built a house from the fuser. First learned of it from advertising on the Internet. Cost of course were not

Ceiling cornice from foam - find differences

For a long time, I do not use the process of repair of the plaster ceiling cornices. Eaves foam is easier to install,

Asphalt shingles Tegola - quality and perfect for domed roofs

I chose this house for the roof shingles. It is soft and a flexible, easy to own, I could with my brother put it.

Cladding+insulation 2-in-1

In the summer we did a major overhaul of the facade of the building - changed the lining. To reduce installation time

panels RPG

To be honest, about your house dreamed of for a long time. But realized the dream only in the last two years. The only

Evroruberoid "Technonikol" - an excellent building material

It was necessary to cover the garage, because sometimes leaked. For relatively little money six months ago, bought a

Polyethylene pipes from Karaganda factory of JSC "Stroyplastmass" will last a long time

Steel, with her husband at home to make repairs. We decided to change all metal pipes with plastic, I like polimerschik

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