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Сухой корм для котов Happy Cat Minkas Sterilised - Review

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Food for parrots "nectar" of TM Laurie - lack of appetite in your pet is guaranteed

Usually buy their budgies natural grain, agricultural market. Decided to diversify its menu food with minerals and

Pellets for turtles on the "Nature" - pets are not eating is not natural

Do not waste your money and buy food for turtles on the "Nature". Turtles are actually very picky eating

After the use of medicinal feed Hill's d / d (Hills d / d) from salmon and rice dog diarrhea began.

I bought my dog ​​therapeutic diets Hill's d / d (Hills d / d) from salmon and rice, and after eating, she started a

Whiskas cat food does not like

No wonder I do not particularly trust the feed Whiskas, because my cat does not appreciate "Juicy slices of a

Food for Parrot "Captain Flint"

Vitamin food for medium-sized parrots, the trademark "Captain Flint", I do not recommend buying your pets, because it

Cat food " Felix "

Bought animal feed their cats " Felix "-delicious pieces of " LLC Nestle Russia ".

Fish food pellets from the Classic menu "Aquarius" - do not eat fish, the water goes bad

The package is written for the small fish that feed near the surface. In fact, granules stick to the surface only at

Whiskas kitten food to cause hair loss

A month ago, we took to the streets of a kitten, fluffy, affectionate, purring now. The problem was that just at this

terrible food Kitekat Meat Banquet

In the summer with her husband left on vacation, leaving our cat under the supervision of his mother. When we finished

Food Rokii my pig-2 is not approved

painted that a lot of additives and all sorts of goodies. But in the end rosette pig did not eat any of the color

Food Aquarius Ancistrus Menu-poor food

Feeds Aquarius Ancistrus Menu. I do not know a coincidence or not, but he fed his fish feed according to almost all the

Bad cat food

I bought the other day for a Purina feed her cat, and I was shocked at first almost no meat. Vitamins are not present,

Fiesta Parrot food debris.

Bought in a pet store feed for our parrots " Fiesta " the main diet of the nymph. The House found in

Dry food for cats, "Meow!" chicken does not fit my cat, he did not even want to smell, not what to eat

Before buying a different brand of canned food, and then on the way to work is not found. There was no choice but to

Dog food Chappi - do not give it to your pet.

Hello animal lovers. I'd like to share with you the life of the case. My dog ​​is constantly upotredlyala this foo

Great shop!

Hello! I want to say a kind word to the online store we Have in the town a real problem with pet

Маруська любит колбаски с лососем!

Моя кошка Маруся ест эти колбаски Молина с удовольствием. Мы разные угощения для кошек пробовали, решили остановится на

Food Nutra Mix Hairball-perfect food for cats.

Feeding your cat only the data feed. It has a balanced composition, as it is lowered magnesium content, and this is

Foods for Cats "SAT CHOW" - the dream of any cat.

Honestly to tell you - these food products made from natural and man can eat, like in American movies! And these cats

Nutritious food meat Darling

Our cat is very finicky eating habits, so I had to switch to dry food. For a long time could not find a suitable.

Food for adult dogs, "Hill's" - good!

My handsome love this dry food for adult dogs that contains a small amount of calories and large amounts of nutrients,

Feed for fish DENNERLE Yady classik - fish readily eat

When there is no Tubifex and bloodworms are my tailed cats fall into a stupor and I, respectively, too, because I do

Convenient online store

Buying all for dogs on the Internet, because to carry it on their backs and carry on the car these bags are for 4

Tender pieces in gravy "MONAMI" With veal

My rabid hooliganism really like this food)) for almost eight years, and the energy she stoooolko!!! Coat is shiny,

Royal Canin Mini Exigent

Два года назад мне подарили йоркширского терьера, собачку, о которой я так долго мечтала. Я была готова покупать ей самы

Хороший корм

Из всех кормов моей Анфисе особенно нравится МонАми с кусочками индейки. Ну вот уважает она не курочку и свинину, а имен

"" Whiskas "for cats" love not only the kittens, but my big cat!

Cote I have enough fastidious: cheeses we eat only solid varieties of sausage - just expensive. But the gentle

Comment on the stern "Royal canin" for dogs

Throughout my life in my family had dogs. And let the professional veterinarians and dog trainers in our family there,

Food PRO PLAN dog from Purina - the normal feed

Of all the dry feed only on Proplana the dog had no side effects. It is more expensive than others, but no apparent

Cat can not live without Kitekat

my cat for six years, he lives in a private home and a lack of food it does not have, but without the dry food and

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