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Emulsion Benzyl benzoate, ZAO Retinoids - Review

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Jazz plus

I started taking these pills after abortion in January. Not satisfied with the results on the "purity" of the person.

Medicine Mucaltin

Medicine Mucaltin (producer LLC "OZ "ГНЦЛС", Kharkiv, Ukraine) is one of the most affordable and accessible drugs coug

Drotaverine, Arterium

In pharmacy headache as analgesic advised Drotaverine Arterium, after the first use there was a sensation of heat,

Bellastein-a cure for pain

Pain in the abdomen in the Pharmacy was advised to bellastein. Not expensive, but also a very strange effect. I had

Nazivin children's

Bought a nasal spray Nazivin children. Small caught a cold. To my surprise, absolutely do not stop snot, does not

Eye drops Johnson&Johnson visine Classic

Because I wear contact lenses, my eyes sometimes become red and there is a feeling of dryness. To get rid of this

For the treatment of gastro-intestinal tract Lek Plantex acts but not for long.

A tool for the treatment of gastro-intestinal tract Lek Plantex gave kiddies to avoid problems with the chair. Will be

Dental-baby didn't help at all

During teething the son, wanted to ease his pain and bought Dental-baby gel for pain relief during teething, but some

AntiGrippin was powerless

There were a few days ago the first symptoms of SARS: a stuffy nose, blurred in the head, sneezing, headache - well, as

DipRilif gel

Recently often back began to ache in the lower back. At the hospital, the doctor wrote back pain DipRilif gel. Every

Lozenges Septolete Plus - not an effective tool

pastilles Septolete Plus. Reading instruction and how it has been praised decided to try this drug, as a sore throat

Drug Duphalac (Duphalac) advise taken with great caution

The doctor prescribed Duphalac (Duphalac) at a dose of 30 ml three times daily. I have carefully read the instructions,

Entsefabol suspension for admission to the inside, has a stimulating effect on the child.

My baby is a month designated the drug. To offset the effects of birth trauma and lead to normal nervous system baby.

Drops for the nose Nycomed Nazivin 0.025% of children do not help.

You might as well be water-spout must bury a child. Capa is the third day of the child, but the effect is not observed.

Medicine "RІABAL"

My child has had pain in the abdomen - the adaptation of the child after birth. Went to the hospital, the doctor

The drug "Natalsid" of JSC "Nizhpharm" - whatever happened hemorrhoids

During the last pregnancy I was literally tortured hemorrhoids. At first I did not want to go to the doctor, as this

Sanorin of «Teva» - an effective tool

In winter we sometimes get cold, the nose provides a way to breathe easy nothing. I use it, in such cases, a proven

The drug "Linex" from "Sandoz" - perfectly restores the intestinal microflora

With antibiotic problems began to arise a problem with the intestines, dysbiosis, and appeared doctor advised to take

Our family appreciated

Good afternoon. Leave your review about the spray nazalnam These Immune here. Ask why I commend him and recommend? And


На выходных чем-то отравилась. Грешу на несвежую рыбу-гриль в кафешке, но не уверена. Да это в общем, и не важно. Спасал

Хороший лечебный эффект

Недавно я «познакомилась» с такой прекрасной болезнью, как крапивница… Было это неожиданно и неприятно. Укусила меня как

Omez (Omeprazole) Dr. Reddy's Laboratories, quickly reduces acidity.

Husband tortured heartburn as soon as something is not right drink or eat, so just feel bad stomach pains. And then one

Rescued ivy syrup.

After recently suffering bronchitis I had exhausting cough, which is very difficult to give treatment. Tried and

I helped!

Recently got pregnant and the headaches started. I actually didn't even know that pregnant is often a problem. Pills I

Helps,but more is needed.

The drug began to take last year,when they're really tired (and they 2 times per month) SARS. Citovir I was advised by

Dekatilen tablets for sucking! Very good, but expensive!

My sister uses them constantly, because of frequent sore throats! Well, not only cures but also relieve! I buy them

Spray Ingalipt - always helps!

For many years, use the spray "Ingalipt" as soon as the throat starts to hurt! We take everything and give

Specialized preparation for the body of the venous stars "Vein Away" gave a chance

My longstanding problem associated with the appearance of spider veins on the legs. Drug use "Vein Awey" for

For the treatment of colds and flu Nurofen, a good tool.

As soon as the baby was three months, I bought Nurofen in the kit to advance the tool was in the house. I told my

Kamillosan - salvation for colds

Spray to the oral cavity Kamillosan I first saw abroad, when we were vacationing with family in Thailand. As usually

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