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Solgar комплекс масло примулы вечерней - Review

5 09.10.2016 | 09 October 2016 at 14:38

Great result

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Now I expect PMS with a particular fear, quietly this period could not pass. Was not feeling very well, a little pain, against this background of low mood and irritability. Then told me about the complex and solgar evening primrose oil, complex as an anti-inflammatory. The approval of your gynecologist and got bought this. A large jar, a glass, looks very solidly, I think. The choice fell on the glass for better storage of vitamin. In the Bank 60 capsules, drank one a day for about two weeks prior to PMS and was able to assess the effectiveness and the result of my prevention. In the following month reiterated the reception. And I can say that the premenstrual period was a great success, as the loop itself. Pain had all but disappeared. Irritability was gone, I noticed even the surrounding, such a result certainly was not expecting even from solgar, which has earned my trust. So, who is familiar with these symptoms during PMS can safely introduce into your diet premenstrual this complex.

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