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Supermarket "Dixie" in the city of Moscow - a dump!

"Dixie" in Moscow was opened less than a year ago. Can not understand how you can make time for such a new

Chain stores "Economy" Berezniki Virus edge. There is no cost!

The name of the store just is not justified. Make a discount on dozens of products, 10-15 percent, but on other

supermarket "Preston" in the shopping center "Maximus" - a bad store.

It is not like a supermarket, "Preston" in the shopping center "Maximus", which is located in the

Supermarket "Our" in Vladikavkaz - both during the war

We went to this supermarket with a neighbor. What's going on. This pandemonium. All because of suspiciously low

Bad products in Silpo

At one time I worked in a general store, on the street Lavrukhina 4. What I saw in the kitchen forever discourage the

Rotten chicken in magnesium

Rotten chicken in the magnet as possible? 3 times I bought a chilled chicken in supermarket magnet at Moscow

"Omich" - in my opinion, is the worst of the supermarket!

We went into a large supermarket, city of Omsk. Not only do we have promised lower prices. Not at all! First, prices

A terrible atmosphere of a supermarket "Vopak" in Zhitomir

supermarket "Vopak" in Zhitomir, which occupies the entire first floor of a former shoe store at street

supermarket "Tver merchant" in Migalovo, Tver

worse than the supermarket is not met. food choices, no. half of the products are on shelves for months ... Vegetables

Hypermarket MOSMART on Dmitrovka - random fraud or ...?

Constantly confronted in the store (food hypermarket) with the same problem - the difference in price in a store

Shop Avant Perm sells moldy stuff.

Do not store a nightmare! And before that I wondered why it is there permanently so few buyers. There's a shelf

Supermarket "Epicenter" (Makeevka) - staff in general is not interested in customers!

A large supermarket, large selection, but prices are not low enough, the staff at all on its own customers themselves.

Buying a tablet supermarket electronics Technopolis Kremenchug

Bought at the store tablet Chinese Model 3Q Surf Tablet PC RC0710B. When you purchase provides for the refund, the

Eco-market, str. O. Olzhych, 14 - mouse walking on the trading room.

Yesterday went to visit a friend, on the road came into the Eco-market buy something for tea. She went to the stalls

Department of the finished food in the Great Keeshan - yellow mayonnaise and weekly pizza

During the lunch break is often looked to the Department of the finished food supermarket Great Keeshan. Frank rudeness

Corporate supermarket Roshen, str. Starovokzalna 21 - favorite store of all the sweet tooth of Kiev.

When I first got to the supermarket Roshen, I ran my eyes - so any goodies I have not seen in any store. Cakes,

Supermarket "Praktiker" (Makeevka) - a great store!

Discovered this supermarket during the repair, and now we buy it. Lamps, light fixtures, chairs, accessories for cars -

supermarket "Line" Gomel, Belarus - liked her a great choice

Large supermarket, which is almost all in large quantities. There, as there are for children and adults. I was looking

Eldorado, Nikolaev - great appliances

Beautiful supermarket of home appliances, with competent consultants are perfectly versed in computers and yogurtnitsah

Supermarket "Chapaevsky" in Vladikavkaz - the best places

shop seemed little different from most others. The range is the same as everywhere else. But I like to place the

Supermarket Selpo - a favorite place of purchase of products in Poltava

Most do the weekly shopping at this supermarket, as the prices are very low, good range, has its own brands, whose

supermarkets Almond

In my opinion this is one of the best supermarkets in our gorode.Ya live in Tolyatti.Kachestvo product is good, but if

Shop "Silpo" - the cheapest store in Kharkov!

Supermarket Products "Silpo" is the cheapest of those that I have ever had! Products there is always fresh,

My choice - supermarket "Vopak" Lutsk

In the supermarket "Vopak" sell is always fresh and very tasty cake. Prices are available in the supermarket,

Supermarket chain "Bonus", Irkutsk. Supermarket 'bonus', Irkutsk, m-one university, 43

ever I go to this supermarket. And buy food and other essentials. Prices - cheap, choice - a wide, product quality -

Shop "Auchan" in Omsk - there is everything!

Been to a supermarket in Omsk "Auchan". Great impression of him! Not only that pleases the range and prices,

Construction hypermarket "epicenter" in Dnepropetrovsk - just a giant

recently decided to venture with her husband and went to a small repair at this recently opened in our town building

Забота о клиентах

Сдал на тех.обслуживание детский велик в сервисный центр"Декатлон" в Твери. Приняли очень вежливо,выписали квитанцию ,ск

Supermarket Space in Kiev - European quality at the Slavic fashion

Visit the new supermarket (opening date - the end of 2011) and were pleasantly surprised. Although the store owners and

Supermarket "Oscar" Kherson

Supermarket "Oscar" Kherson Excellent supermarket chain "Oscar" - very convenient, because in the

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