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Адвокат Устимкин К.И. - Review

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Attorney - in terms of our I Zyk mediator in bribes

The meaning of the profession itself is good - to protect our rights. But look who is now working lawyers - people who

In Yekaterinburg Shevchenko very hardworking lawyer Andrey (can not remember the name)

Addressed at Yekaterinburg in the help of lawyers to Shevchenko and did not like. Under various pretexts, Andrey (can

Lawyer Skrebets busy customers

On the advice of friends to a lawyer Skrebets Oleg Nikolaevich in Kharkov. I had to go to court to recover the debt

Lawyer Korzh Ilya I. Moscow.

He turned to a lawyer Korzh Ilya Igorevich in Moscow from a private law firm in the action against the insurance

Lawyer Trushkina Ludmila Lugansk.

To advocate Lyudmila Alexandrovna Trushkina in Lugansk, turned on the advice of a friend, when he was charged with

Yarmolenko, a. l.-Mountain advocate (Rovno)

Asked the lawyer Yarmolenko Anatoliy Leonidovich, that would have made me a statement to the Court, in order to seize

Savotina Natalia lawyer who works for the money

Natalya Sergeyevna consulted about divorce and child support calculation. She was ready to answer our questions, but

Tatiana Ivanova lawyer who does not remember the case two months ago

My mother consulted with Tatiana about Chernobyl and pension recalculation. But could not get any clear answer about


test 123

Viktoria Konovalova (Kiev) - a good, competent attorney and fun-to-person communication

contact Victoria Nikolaevna for advice on the division of property. She is well-explained, recorded on a sheet of

Attorney EG Chebotarev in Bratsk - a professional in their field

be a situation in life, when needed the assistance of counsel. This is not a lawyer went on the recommendation, but

Рекомендую адвоката, как грамотного специалиста.

Кирилла Ивановича Устимкина могу рекомендовать, как честного и порядочного адвоката. Обратилась к нему за помощью по уго



Attorney Skrebets ON in Kharkiv - a professional in their field

Lawyer Skrebets Oleg (Kharkov, trans. Armenian, 2) - is a true professional in their field. I know it has to work in

Attorney Berdnikov Inna - wisely, cheaply

seek the advice of Inna Alexandrovna on revising the loan and monthly payment. She clearly and understandably explained

Очень благодарна

Большое спасибо Кириллу Ивановичу за консультацию и разбор моей ситуации. Рассказал всё четко и доступно, благодаря комп

Advocate Elina Mkhitaryan - Beauty and the letter of the law

From bags do not promise. Advocate Elina Mkhitaryan helped me when there was disagreement with the law. The girl is

Love's lawyer Dovganyuk B. Nikolaev - for peace in the world

Love Borisovnu hired my stepfather for his defense. I would like to note its peaceful and diplomacy, which is very

Trushnikov Nicholas will divide the property cheaply

We are the division of property and Nicholas helps us in this. He suggested to us how to protect yourself, how to deal

Lawyer Alexander Seversky (Kiev) - will help solve the problem with the bank

My brother spoke to a lawyer with the request to resolve a dispute under the credit agreement. Alexander helped to

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