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Stroller Nordlayn Stephania stephania Noordline - Review

5 12.09.2019

Great option for a winter baby

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I want to praise and even, perhaps, a little to boast of our luxury stroller Nordlayn Stephanie. Roll it around town and feel complete comfort. And because it is convenient, easy to control and smooth. Because Stephanie looks very stylish. Although, why – looks? She is such a beautiful and stylish. Outside faux leather in soft crimson hue, the frame and the bottom of the carrycot dark colors combination looks perfect.

Leather is waterproof and easy to clean, two months from the date of purchase we got under the rain or out for a walk after it. Dirt does not stick, and that gets dirty, cleans with water and cloth. On the wet ground, wet sand, through piles of broken branches (if not overtake) the stroller rolls smoothly and without jerks, jams, etc.

Permeability increased, thanks to the large inflatable wheels, you can walk in the Park, and in the country, without fear of get stuck somewhere. Only the front wheels need to block, they swivel, and problem roads it prevents. That's on a smooth surface – a sweet deal, especially indoors. Agility is good, easily turn in any direction without difficulty go round racks and other furniture.

The carrycot is big and warm, but it is not stuffy. The interior space is decorated with "breathing" natural fabric and ventilated through a window in the hood and a ventilation system installed in the bottom. Headrest we have not yet raised, but in General it is height adjustable. When baby grows up, it will be possible to install it at an angle, that the child was visible to the world. The Cape is also insulated, with a protective cover, bonnet surround and deep. In the winter, I think, will not freeze, the cradle is well closed. We chose our first transport, taking into account the upcoming frosts.

My review: stroller Nordlayn Stephanie - great for winter baby, I recommend

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