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Pantogram nootropic remedy - Review

1 28.09.2016

Pantogram nootropic remedy

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The first thing I usually do when I buy any medicine for children, try for yourself. So it was with Pantogam, the result is that he has helped me and my daughter. It is a good product. Children could read syllables in first grade, the letters were not read those, but literally after the first week of reception began to speak whole phrases. But after 10 days it became difficult to fall asleep, I immediately stopped giving the drug. Told on the phone the doctor immediately became clear what it was, I missed in the instructions that Pantogam is possible to give, not later than 16 hours. Corrected appointment time and everything was fine. She also took 10 days at least, began to notice that remember the words, but can not say, you can be on the tip of my tongue, and seemed not to remember. After the "tests" on myself again, as if his head cleared, he began to speak faster, in the sense of remembering what I wanted to say. Then drinking has stopped, so more can not say anything. And my daughter finished before the end of the course, as the doctor ordered, no more problems.

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Младшенькая дочь впервые подхватила инфекцию в 2 года, когда мы отдыхали на морском курорте. Но в моей аптечке в припаса

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