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To lose weight easily! - Review

5 14.04.2016

Parziale capsules for weight loss.

I want to tell about their experience of loss. Diet always drove me in depression because I love to eat out, there are a number of dishes, which simply can not refuse, and diets that exclude. Read online about the capsules Portioli. Decided to try it, here is the report. The active ingredient Portioli - carbomer. It is completely inert and has no nutritional value. Pack of 10 or 60 capsules. The principle of operation is: 2 capsules, you must drink before eating, to drink 350 ml of pure water - no juice/tea/milk, and just water. 20-30 minutes in the stomach forms a hydrogel that fills the space and the meal you eat less than normal volume. Therefore, the number of calories consumed per day reduced and you naturally begin to lose weight. For a month it turns out from 3 to 5 kg. Portioli Excreted along with the feces in unchanged form. I'm losing weight since February, during this period dropped almost 9 lbs. I want to celebrate his good mood, due to the lack of constraints and a constant feeling of hunger as when diets. Portioli happy.

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