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Pecherishnaya Alla V. - Review

-5 15.03.2013

Pecherishnaya Alla V.

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August 11, 2011 in Donetsk (Ukraine), an accident with my husband fault Pecherishnoy Alla Valeryevna. Her husband was driving on the main road, crossing the intersection with an inoperative traffic lights, was hit in the rear wing of the car Nissan X-Trail, which ran this lady. The collision of our car spun and hit the curb, it capsized. Fortunately, muzhotdelalsya only a scratch on his hand. Culprit accident promised to pay compensation to buy us a new car. But it is only at the accident scene. According to the car insurance company could not be reconstructed, and to purchase similar (Daewoo Lanos) when we did not have insurance benefits 20 thousand UAH. But the culprit, having left his home in Mariupol, "forgot" promises more than a year and said: "No money, call me in a month." In the end, sparing the nerves and the time (at the time of an accident, I was 7 months pregnant) we "forgive" her and the court decided not to address. As she spoke to the accident scene, this is not her first accident. She was in the car's sister, and her car at the time was to be repaired after an accident. I wish you all safe travel!

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