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Foaming bath and shampoo with oils Aqa baby - Review

5 07.10.2019 | 08 October 2019 at 20:56

Foam shampoo for baby - which is better ? Tell

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Praise our new product for bathing foam and shampoo with oils of Shea butter, peach and jojoba Aqa baby. Pleasant, not allergenic, soft, does not sting the eyes. I bought it in the online store for 260 rubles, for such good quality the price is quite reasonable, in my opinion. Despite the fact that consumption is very small, the skin easily razmylivaetsâ. Sell it in a convenient bottle with a dispenser, the volume of 250 ml. Composition is very decent, I didn't see allergens in it like sulfates, silicones, parabens and similar chemicals. Soap either.
Eyes remedy does not sting, dry-eyed, dryness does not cause irritation on the body of the baby after bathing, I see. Rinsed off the foam quickly and completely, skin and hair are clean and smell good. I use it to remove milk crusts, if they apply the foam, and simmer for about a minute, the crust becomes soft. Then easily combed. In General, I am satisfied with Aqua baby, left her for permanent use

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