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Для гладкой, сияющей кожи - Review

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BODY SERIES Roller antiperspirant Amway

BODY SERIES Roller antiperspirant from Amway absolutely does not justify its price and advertising distributors. In the

Toning foot scrub, Avon

Kupala toning foot scrub with sea salt, Avon foot works, as a scrub it is not very. Exfoliating beads almost

Lady Speed Stick Депил контроль

Manufacturer of deodorant Depil control from Lady Speed Stick promises protection from sweat as much as 12:0 am, in

Orange vitamin vulticomplex cosmetic cream

Bought cream Orange vitamin vulticomplex cream cosmetic buckthorn, to care for the skin of hands, "the Kingdom of

Solaris Floresan oil for a quick tan for a quick tan useless.

Floresan Solaris Oil for quick tanning is a very convenient bottle - spray with a spray gun on the cover. Apply in very

Scrub Gourmet Chocolate (Chocolate Gourmet) from Aromanice (Aromanays) - did not like the chemical flavor!

Beautiful jar, small particles skrabiruyuschie but scrub Gourmet Chocolate (Chocolate Gourmet) from Aromanice

Hand cream fruit Cocktail (fruit cocktail) from ORIFLAME (Oriflame) is worse Vaseline

After trying a hand cream fruit Cocktail (fruit cocktail) from ORIFLAME (Oriflame) impressions were quite negative.

Whey slim 3d Yves Rocher

Serum for the body from Yves Rocher series spa vegetal slim 3d after the first application has caused terrible Allergy

MENNEN SPEED STICK power of nature, the Flame of the earth, not for long enough!

Acquired spouse gel antiperspirant deodorant MENNEN SPEED STICK power of nature, the Flame of the earth. Famous brand,

Foot scrub "ICE LINE"

Just recently I bought a foot scrub "ICE LINE", to clean their feet. According to the manufacturer, the scrub

body lotion Dove summer Glow

In the spring due to the lack of sun decided to use a bronzer, but decided to start with a gentle option and bought the

Yves Rocher body lotion

Perfumed body lotion TENDRE JASMIN by Yves Rocher - first pleasing both soul and body, but after two weeks of pleasant,

Avon dry foot cream

Cream souffle foot Avon butter Shea tree when used at night, even under the socks, not absorbed. On the morning of the

Hand Cream "Black Pearl. Intensive Nutrition" (OJSC "Concern" Kalina ") - did not like

the fall of your skin is particularly vulnerable. Bought hand cream" Black Pearl. Intensive food "to protect

Body Lotion Yves Rocher "Mandarin" - too much smell.

Before the New Year, I decided to treat yourself to the smell of mandarin, who still recalls this day and bought a body

Deodorant Rexona Crystal Clear Diamond - a good defense!

I use this deodorant for a long time. He is well protected from sweat, leaves no residue on clothes, smells nice and

Hand Cream TM "Artistry" of their superb moisturizing

I can not get enough of the cream for the hands Artistry! I am an artist, and I have to constantly paint dry and

Soap Palmolive "Summer Watermelon" glycerine nice summer fragrance.

Soap Palmolive "Summer Watermelon" glycerine beautiful. Translucent, like a green piece of glass, maintains

Doctor Foot Cream with urea - a great cream!

After using this cream heels are very soft and tender. He is very rapidly absorbed, smells good. It consists of urea,

Кожа долго остаётся увлажненной, фаворит среди кремов

Хочу поделиться своим фаворитом увлажняющим детским кремом УРОКР ЭМ10 с теми у кого очень сухая кожа. Несмотря на то что

Hand cream Velvet Hands JSC Concern "Kalina" is really good

Dry skin of hands, every woman is a big problem, I personally found out. This cream Velvet Hands. After application

Oil tan Ambre Solaire Garnier - my secret other than tanning

While abroad I was lucky enough to buy oil for tanning Ambre Solaire Garnier, which I now always take to the beach,

Body Lotion Moisturizing Markell Slim body - an excellent moisturizing

Buy the cream in the summer. The cream not only moisturizes, but also gives shade of tan. Therefore it is better cream

Shower Gel "African Cocoa» Les Jardins du Monde by Yves Rocher - nothing to find fault!

The very subtle nuance, when the flavor and not too intrusive, but it is noticeable. Gentle. Foams well and

Bath Bomb by Lush "Round Cream" - cool nourishes and moisturizes the skin

main component of the bomb - cocoa butter and cocoa still have chips in the cosmetic product. The aroma of ylang-ylang

Body Milk "Hamamelis" from Yves Rocher - skin hydration for a long time!

Body Milk "Hamamelis" from Yves Rocher like crazy! It is easy for its texture that absorbs virtually

Body Cream "Nivea universal" - super cream!

This cream is ideal for an average price of its density and fat! After him, the body becomes soft and well-groomed, but

The gel to improve the flexibility, elasticity and mobility of "Green Mama" - a panacea for all ills

Bought for parents, and after use, and recommendations of the neighbors had to place orders, even with 10 copies. I do

Soap Dove luscious velvet (luxurious velvet) flavorful and tender.

Soap Dove luscious velvet (velvet luxury) purchase chasto.Mylo fragrant and smell is very strong and nice, not

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