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Plasticine 1 Veresnya - Review

-4 02.04.2013

Plasticine "1 Veresnya"

Reviews: Children / Baby goods

Like the bright packaging with cars, 12 bright colors and very attractive description. Price "serednyakovaya." The disappointment was just strong, she tried to clean clay "1 Veresnya" hand-child (as written on the package "does not stick to your hands")! Warm water, soap, and my efforts have failed! Laundered - otshkrebala-scrubbing sponge for washing dishes (and hard (!) Party), as a simple sponge and soapy cloth were too weak for such a "miracle clay" ... With a wash and the baby was gone shopping joy and creativity. clothes too .. By nalip. A product marketed with "quality confirmed to the state sanitary-epidemiological conclusions." I feel deceived and naive. We have composed a child korotkostishe "Plasticine" 1 Veresnya "- polepil and laundered, handles painted in a flash."

Tags: Shantou Shanyu Steyshereneri Co., LTD Guandogr, 1 Veresnya, plasticine, China

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