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Пластырь-ингалятор «Дыши» - Review

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A side effect of drops "Regulaks."

Oral drops "Regulaks" perfectly perform their primary function, but there are side effects. Abdominal pain so

Cough syrup "Instar"

The other day my one year old son started to cough. By appointment pediatrician bought cough syrup "Instar".

Tablet Lozap 50 mg, Losartan potassium, Zentiva

The doctor prescribed her to take, from hypertension pills Lozap 50 mg 1 time a day. After the third appointment, my

Gel "Badaga Forte"

Gel "Badaga Forte" got to get rid of acne scars on the face, but in addition a horrible burning sensation on the skin

VIGAMOX Alcon eye drops

VIGAMOX Alcon eye drops I was prescribed by a doctor for treatment of conjunctivitis. I took the medicine, as it was

Tantum Verde spray - lost time in licinii

I am two weeks plagued with a cough. The doctor prescribed me Tantum Verde spray. The taste of the medicine pleasant,

Pills "Tenoten children's" MATERIA MEDICA

"Tenoten child" from MATERIA MEDICA assigned us to a neurologist, as a sedative. But calmer the child died, and a

Absolutely no effective means of Anaferon for children

Sick child. The pediatrist has appointed Anaferon, as antiviral agents. Since I am a nursing mother and still in the

" " of " CJSC Festal BIOCOM "

Product " " " from Festal BIOCOM " I was advised as a means to facilitate the work

Tablets, Wenatex Combi, 160 mg+12.5 mg, Polpharma,

The doctor has appointed grandmother from hypertension to take Wenatex Combi, 160 mg+12,5 mg After several receptions

Aescusan drops of 20 ml

Were severe swelling of the legs, the doctor has prescribed Aescusan drops for oral administration, 20 ml, manufacturer

No-Spa Hinoin (Hungary)

No-Spa Hinoin (Hungary) completely useless remedy, antispasmodic properties are clearly someone preuveličiny. No-Spa

septolete, lozenges sore throat tablets for throat

I already bought lozenges "Septolete Plus company KRKA (Slovenia), I remembered them quite strong analgesic effect,

Drop "Lymphomyosot" not cure eczema

Problems started with the hands: itching, blistering, bleeding and fractures. The pharmacy was advised to buy a drop

Capsules against dysbiosis Bifiform

Capsules against dysbiosis "Bifiform" good, but I for one package of treatment is not enough, and there is

Syrup "Erespal" is the best anti-inflammatory drug

Due to the frequent illness of the child tried many anti-inflammatory and antiviral preparatov.Ostanovilis in syrup

Отличное средство для профилактики вирусных болезней!

Отличное средство против ОРВИ,убеждаюсь в этом уже который раз и который год. Как чувствую,что начинаю заболевать-так с

Drops for the nose "Pinasol" - placebo

These droplets on the grass, that is, no harm to your body. I have a deviated nasal septum, and I often use the drops

Ointment "Betasalik", OAO "Kyivmedpreparat", Ukraine - quickly removes the aggravation of psoriasis.

I have psoriasis for a long time. Many that have tried to treat. I'm more suited creams and ointments. I like very

The preparation of acne, "Zener" Astellas Pharma Europe effectively heals.

Sometimes I use this tool for the skin, when I see that there is a pimple. This drug effectively treats inflammation,

Ointment Boro Plus Himani - irreplaceable thing in the medicine cabinet for all the family

ointment for this wide range of applications: from skin irritations, cuts, bruises, abrasions finishing with small

Wins ARD

If you notice that the cold comes, start taking propriety. Very effective especially in the initial stage, the sooner

HIT DEEP (DEEP HEAT) Mentholatum, quickly relieves the pain!

Normally, when I help my mother in the garden, or what ever to coach, once the neck starts to ache and lower back! Deep

Nasal spray AQUA MARIS

A trip to the glorious city on the Neva, traditionally brought with them not only positive emotions, but also a

Быстрый и эффективный препарат Сальвагин при вагинозе

Сказать по правде, для меня сальвагин стал открытием. Раньше вагиноза боялась как не знаю чего, потому что лечиться при

Heliskan of PAO CPP "Red Star" - a good immune system recovers

I like this product always helps to restore strength and immunity from illness and even after the normal, but prolonged

Syrup "Alteyka 'from corporation Arterium - very good for the baby bronchitis

A very good product, is not very much money, but it works well, helps with bronchitis, cough, loss, we always buy it to

For the treatment of allergy Zentiva Zodak helps.

Tools for allergy treatment Zentiva Zodak used last spring. Means of an expensive but effective. Several days of drops

Kagocel with SARS

My fall began with a cold, took her daughter to school, came home and felt unwell. After a couple of hours the

Drop "to the nose" - to quickly release the breath.

When does the allergy, especially during seasonal blooms of various herbs, I use a drop of "For his nose,"

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