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Patch-inhaler "Breathe" - Review

1 29.12.2018

The patch, the inhaler, convenient for daycare, school and work.

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Good day, dear readers!
I am a mother of two little rascals. One to three years, the other nine. One or the other, then both at once – snot. Even if you do not get sick with fever, still snot is always there. Allergies not. Given that the snot we have with such surprising frequency, the pediatrician prescribed us a band-aid-inhaler "Breathe," not so often drops to use.

Description: the patch with one side adhesive, the other just material. All this is impregnated with essential oils. Namely these: peppermint, eucalyptus, fir, lavender, turpentine and levomenthol somehow. Written on the packaging that they help to ease breathing with a cold, recover faster, and help to sleep when your nose is stuffed up. But more specifically, it lists the following actions: antiviral, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, analgesic. Work so that components of essential oils by evaporation from the surface of the plaster. That is, the mechanism is obvious and straightforward. Essential oils work – it is a known fact. Just then someone had the sense to sell them in the most convenient form))).

Use also clear as to glue the patch on the clothes. I still guessed on a pillow the kids before bedtime – it seems to me that children really sleep easier with these fumes around, as the breath becomes cleaner.

In General, I noticed that the snot we have become less – maybe even treat the mucosa of essential oil. And when still in the nozzle, then at least you can breathe – especially the first two or three hours after sticking, when evaporation is still going well.

Says that you can eight hours the patch to use, I change often. Better buy them a little more, but the action more serious.

More of the details on the patch:

- Available in 5 and 10 pieces per bundle

Shelf life – 3 years

- For external use only

- I advise to "avoid contact with eyes, the mucous membranes and damaged portions of the skin".

I advise everyone!! My kids really helps!.

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