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Payment service W1 wallet one - Review

-5 16.09.2013

Payment service W1 wallet one

Pro payment service "W1 wallet one» I never would have found out if the webmaster has not transferred all the earnings with WebMoney in this system. In fact, W1-this is the same electronic payment system, providing input, output and remittances (dollars, rubles etc.). But I do not like the creepy, and I'll try to explain why.
First, no point in it, I do not see. There is no such option, which would have featured the system from the same WebMoney. Secondly, the level of security your account very low. The management of funds is done entirely via the Web interface. Thirdly, if you are working with a system of frequent glitches, especially they are observed when making transactions on the Exchange, have several times to update the page. Fourthly, support W1 is disgusting. Once failed to put money on mobile phone, sent a request to the specified e-mail, but answer me even a week later did not come! Fifthly, to withdraw money from the system to the hemorrhoids. Until recently, the dollars were banned; now there are several options, with the Commission in each case, hardly able to please. Sixthly, the exchange rates in the W1 extortionate and is at least 1, 5-1 rouble of the CBR. So don't even try here to Exchange! And in general it is best to stay away of this system and only use reliable services.

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