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poor service - Review

-4 21.03.2013

poor service

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March 8 were in the restaurant. We were very saddened by the quality and service of the staff boorish and the very principles of cooking. Complaints clearly left for any action fails, pizza rolls are prepared right in front of smoking places. So the most interesting things. Ordered rolls, caesar salad, pizza, tea and beer. Not only that one of the teas brought the one that did not order, so brought us tea and beer as much as a half hour (citing workload bartender and others), but after 2.5 hours had been waiting all the food decided to put the tea and go for it began to be rude type you ordered - pay as it turned out later, all orders at all and did not prepare, and they are still forced to pay for not our tea. Thanks for the restaurant spoiled the holiday now I will advise everyone not to go to this wretched institution!

Tags: Rolls, book of complaints, tea

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