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Ichthyol ointment

Bought Ichthyol ointment, as got splinters, started gathering pus inside. Know that it is an antiseptic, which draws

Prebiotic "Le Cran" with uroantisepticheskimi properties does not help.

This product does not correspond to the annotations are written in it. In the fight against cystitis is absolutely

Capsules are a mixture of probiotics, "Evitaliya" from Company "M-Tech Plus" - No effect

The pharmacy pharmacist advised me to behold these capsules by dysbiosis. When I read the manual at home, I saw that

Lisak Lizak - absolutely useless

Had a recent cold, my throat was Persia creepy. In such cases has always used the same candy. This time succumbed to

While taking the drug L-Thyroxine, Ozon (L-thyroxine, ozone) to adjust the dose

The drug L-Thyroxine, Ozon (L-thyroxine, Ozone) 100 mg must be taken instead of 75 micrograms. Since, for some reason

Ointment "Gerpevir"-does not help!

Frequently have to use the ointment "Gerpevir" nothing good in it does not smear vizhu.Pri herpes rash

Dufalak laxative

Dufalak is advertised as effective laxative. But I want to say that it doesn't help. Doctor appointed for the child and

Protivogemorroidal′nye Anuzol suppositories from Nizhpharm

Did not pass such a delicate issue and I have hemorrhoids, bleeding, inflammation and problems with a Chair. On the

Antiseptic Pfizer Gexeral aerosol

With the onset of autumn cold and damp, I got a cold, and in the end, my throat ached terribly. For its treatment, the

Chewable tablets Vermil from worms

Chewable tablets Vermil from worms didn't help us. Doctor prescribed from worms of Giardia, we had five days in a row

Galstena (Galstena), Bittner

With the cramps in the liver, your doctor has prescribed homeopathic drug Galstena (Galstena), Bittner. The preparation

Pills, Diapered, Farmak 4 mg.

In diabetes mellitus of the second type prescribed pills, Diapered, 4 mg 1 time per day. After the first drug my mother

Izofra not a valid local antibiotic

The baby had a long nose, ENT doctor prescribed an antibiotic local action Izofra. And I thought, if antibiotics, you

Ampicillin tablets

Recently, very cold. Doctor on call did not, and went to the pharmacy and bought tablets ampicillin. Accepted, as

Ear drops Otipaks

Doctor prescribed eardrops Otipaks daughter of Biocodex. Laure kept saying that they are very good, but I do not think

Antibiotic Azithromycin is good for colds!

As soon as I feel that sick, just run to the drugstore for azithromycin. Propivaya him for three days, and all normal.

Отличное обезболивающее

Нурофеном пользуюсь, если возникают боли. Хоть головные, хоть зубные, даже при женских болях. Мне всегда помогает. Ношу

Nasal drops Morenazal cheap and effective.

Recently my daughter came running nose. But far from sputum was sitting inside. I bought a drop Morenazal, to wash the

Cough medicine from the company "BEGRIF" Licorice syrup is a good prevention of colds.

Remedy for Cough by LLC "BEGRIF" Licorice syrup stimulates the body's own interferon. This tool is really

Merckle Ambrobene - a great tool, has helped.

A wonderful product which helped me get rid of dry cough. The taste sweetie, it's important for me because I'm

Лучший из полезных бактерий.

Максилак мне прописали в этом году впервые при лечении антибиотиками. Ангина это моя проблема номер один, и ни одно лет

Balsam "Dr. Mom" ​​wonderful help

Irreplaceable in my medicine chest tool, especially during viral infections! I use it myself and children. At a cold

Nausea and vomiting the best option.

I think that with this condition such as nausea and vomiting all familiar. We very often suffer from this child: eat

Children Nurofen acts instantaneously, reducing fever in a child

If a child is ill and his temperature rose, we use only proven child Nurofenom that instantly removes heat and reduces

The drug like.

In the spring I had a flare-up of my "favorite" cystitis. Pull I did and the next day,after I noticed the

Cool ointment

Ointment eucalyptus from Tissa I, as a mother, always have in the medicine Cabinet at the first sign of disease in

VOKARA (VOCARA) Richard Bittner, facilitates the smoker's cough!

My friend smokes for a long time! No way to get rid of the habit can not be! Coughs almost constantly! Such an

Помогает всегда

У меня есть проверенные уже неоднократно средства - всегда в аптечке. Если простыли - даю Эргоферон, противовирусное нов

Gives a good feeling

Many women face the scourge of bacterial vaginosis, and if this problem appeared from time to time it is possible to

Antiseptic Spray "Orasept" from "Sagmel" - a sore throat will remove as soon as possible

Whenever I have a sore throat starts, the first drug that I remember - Orasept. This high-speed spray instantly

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