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Efferalgan syrup for children Upsa

The doctor has appointed a child from temperature efferalgan syrup for children Upsa. Convenient measuring spoon, and

Ointment "Ilon"

Ointment "Ilon" advised by the dermatologist to which I asked because of what appeared on his face boil. Mazal for the

Tablets, Panadol Extra, GlaxoSmithKline

I had fever, began to have a headache, your doctor has prescribed Panadol Extra, GlaxoSmithKline, is not the first time

Ointment Pchelovit from Bio laboratory

Recently slipped on the ice and strongly pulled lower back. At the pharmacy, bought ointment rubbing Pchelovit company

Cough syrup Ambrobene

That would get rid of the cough I am on 3 times a day for a whole week had syrup Ambrobene. But the syrup did not help

Langes syrup is not effective

Langes syrup I strongly recommended over the counter, even though I came for another means of cough, but the words

Espumizan for kids

My baby was born in May. Doctors advised to give colic "Espumizan" for children. The first bottle bought

Drops "Babies" failed in its main task

Drops "Babynos" decided to try, as a remedy for colic. At that time, the baby was 4 months. Very confused by the fact

The drug is to restore the liver Essentiale (Essentiale)

Widely advertised drug. My family doctor twice give me Essentiale (Essentiale), but the expected effect does not occur.

The Drug De-Nol

I was diagnosed with erosion of the duodenum. The doctor recommended, widely advertised on TV and radio, the drug

The remedy for a cold "Pinosol" (Zentiva, Slovak Republic) - only further violate the breath.

Bought this tool, because the manual says that it has antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory properties. The result was that

Suppositories Neo Penotran not help

Vaginal suppositories Neo Penotran production Jenapharm (Germany) helped me recover from a yeast infection. With its

Flavored syrup from Berlin-Chemie

Bought cough "Flamed manufacturer Berlin-Chemie, drank the whole bottle, but the cough has remained. And what is

Candide from stomatitis

Doctor appointed candid from the child from stomatitis. Absolutely medication did not help. It is expensive, 15 ml, but

Ointment Kapsikam Tallinn Pharmaceutical Plant has caused skin burns

The aggravation of cervical degenerative disc disease doctor advised me to treat with ointment Kapsikam production

Nazol spray "Sagmel" - a good fight with nasal congestion

This is one of the few means of a cold, which are really good and helps get rid of a cold. I especially like the fact

Tablets "Tabex" (they also Tabex) - for those who want to quit smoking

Very high quality product. I helped to perfect. Kuril Islands for almost ten years - after a week of taking the pills

Drugs really work.

When I found out that I have hepatic C, I had terrible depression. First was treated with conventional drugs, but the

The syrup Inspiron

Today I want to talk about his method of treatment of cough. Got sick, went for many years at the hospital, usually on

Citovir - effective antiviral drug

My acquaintance with this drug began in the spring of the year before, when in the spring I had a cold 6!!! time. At

Deep Relief Gel by «Mentholatum» - an effective tool

My mother was a very severe back pain. Since the pain was localized in the lumbar region and at some distance from the

Skinoren is a fairly effective tool

When I had a problem with pimples, I bought this preparat.On costs about 700 rubles, but the effect of stoit.Litso

Toothpaste SPLAT - the best!

Of all the medical and really active toothpaste, toothpaste company SPLAT the best! It is pleasant to the taste and

The first sensations after the treatment with venotonic Venerus.

Never bothered me swelling or pain in the legs, the only trouble that haunted me from childhood, had seizures at night.

Hlorfillipt Maslen solution - an excellent tool in the fight against sore throat and not only

Hlorfillipt - an excellent tool in the fight against sore throat, especially if you have at home a little kid. Quite a

KLINDOVIT Gel ® (CLINDOVIT) of Akrihin - really cure acne

wrote a dermatologist at the outbreak of acne after years of excessive sunbathing. The active substance there - the

Nose Drops - Emulsion "Sanorin" Teva, Czech Republic - gently removes the common cold.

To get rid of a cold I use drops in the nose "Sanorin" - is an emulsion with the oil of eucalyptus. After

The "star" from childhood, only in liquid form

Remember the "star" from the childhood, well, she repeatedly used and bought this balm is in solid form, but seeing the

A good thing from dryness and discomfort in the throat

I do not like winter because of the heating season, ventilated-not ventilated, wet - not wet, confused,head hurts from

Wobenzym helped to deal with inflammation.

Good day to all! Gave me Wobenzym half a year ago when salpingitis. Who knows - it is inflammation of the fallopian

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