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Diapers Pampers active baby baby asset, we like - Review

3 12.06.2012

Diapers Pampers Active baby maxi plus 9-20kg 120sht - like

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Diapers Pampers Active baby maxi plus one of the few that I trust and know that they are more expensive though and the rest, but the quality I have not lost my child and will run suhenkim and he did not rub, press or to interfere.

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Bought baby diapers Pampers New baby, and I can only say one thing, they are terrible! They have a very unpleasant

Baby diapers Pampers

None of these subsidiaries Pampers did not fit. First, try Pampers Baby - after the first popisa / pokaka child begins

Diapers Pampers Active baby maxi 7-18kg 62sht - sagging between the legs

In my diapers Pampers Active baby maxi very good impression is not made, maybe they absorb good, but the form they did

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One and a half years have tried many different diaper while staying at one of their brand, but not on Pampers, their

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Of the entire line of baby diapers Pampers diapers only Sleep & Play caused a complete outrage. Uniforms diaper

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I want to note that once purchased, and never will be. First, the diapers with rubber bands around their legs weak, and

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Napkins "My Baby" wet baby with an extract of Chamomile and Calendula - an unpleasant smell

Acquired these baby wipes for hygiene, yet extract herbs good for your skin, the idea is good from the stimuli, and do

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Pampers Diapers TM low quality

Featuring affordable price, much lower than its competitors, Pampers Diapers TM is not an example of a quality product.

Wipes TM "Johnson's baby" moist, tender care 64sht 2 * - a terrible smell

I bought baby wipes are the first and last time, could hardly wait until they end up. Napkins are not cheap, a

Diapers Huggies Little Walkers (panties) rigid and poorly absorb.

I bought a small pack of diapers Huggies Little Walkers (panties), and for good reason. They have been very

Diapers Pampers active baby (baby asset), we like

Diapers Pampers active baby (baby asset) were used with the size of the number 3. We really like it. Smell is, of

Diapers Pampers Premium Care maxi 7-18 kg 52sht - amazing quality

Baby on the right are very expensive and often are buying is not always possible, but they are worth, the quality is

Diapers - panties Pampers Active Boy Maxi 9-14kg 104sht - quality impressed

pleasantly surprised by quality diapers - panties Pampers Active Boy Maxi, they are very convenient, especially to us,

Diapers "Pampers" "Sleep and Play" - cheap and quality

used all the time took the diaper "Pampers": first "New born" for infants, then "Acriv

Пенка шампунь для младенца - какая лучше ? Рассказываю

Похвалю наше новое средство для купания - пенку и шампунь с маслами Ши, персика и жожоба Aqa baby. Приятная, не аллерге

Safe baby care products review

I decided to try that is organic soap for sensitive skin from Helan Linea Bimbi (for daily care). Liked the first safe

Children Flufsan Baby Diaper Baby absorbent, 5pcs 60 * 60cm - good

absorbent diaper got even before the birth of the child and his appearance, they are all very useful to us, especially

Children's detergent "Eared nurses' use, from the cradle

Our first detergent, after the birth of a child was" Eared nannies. " We use them to have third year. Never

Softener "Eared nurses' poravilsya.

A series of "Eared nannies" to buy often. This time they took softener "Eared nannies." Wife liked

Wipes Aura Ultra Comfort for Children with aloe - excellent quality at reasonable price

Wipes Aura does not yield well-known manufacturers napkins. The same soft, moderately moist, they can easily get out of

Children's Body Lotion Johnson & Johnson 24 hour moisturizing - great body lotion.

Body Lotion by Johnson & Johnson is very good, I like it. The quality of his excellent, enough to pack for a long

Wipes Aura Sun and Moon - are pungent smell

The sharp smell of one of the few downsides of data wipes. Also, I do not like velcro: sticky barely kept up to half of

Cream children from "Spring". No worse than import!

In our regular supermarket bought this cream, frankly, more for myself, it costs only 24 rubles. For my daughter bought

G-diapers "Merries" size L 9-14 kg 44sht - pretty good

We are buying these panties diapers when the baby grew up and it must have been accustomed to the pot, they helped us a

Body lotion Bubchen - good cosmetic

This baby milk, which is also suitable for adults. It contains panthenol and has a light moisturizer and healing effect

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