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Shop RC models - Review

5 25.03.2015

Buy RC airplane P-51

  • on map 59.897202 30.341148 11

They bought a model airplane P-51D (Mustang). Long been a fan of WWI, and in particular, aviation. Two years ago I started to collect models of tanks and aircraft. And on this wave, I decided to buy a couple of radio-controlled models. One of them was this plane. Caught my attention the ones he's incredibly similar to the real aircraft. All the proportions observed. I have not seen this. before it was just like the model, but it was not like this. Immediately decided to take.
It costs in the store 11000 ish. Normal price, in principle. Average. Those models that I have ever seen and more expensive cost, it happened.
First, managers asked about the technical characteristics and so on. All told in detail. In the end, still bought.
Very satisfied. Well made, no loose parts that threaten to fall off in flight, no squeaks. Very thoroughly researched. Here it is the attention to detail and smote. Excellent thing. flies awesome. I like the baby is happy, honestly!!!
Thank you very much )

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