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Polish stroller transformer Adamex PANDA - Review

-4 26.04.2013

Polish stroller transformer Adamex PANDA

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Our first stroller buying blindly, without reading tips and reviews, just came into the store and chose what liked visually. And of course missed. We bought a stroller Polish-transformer Adamex PANDA. After a month of operation, the carriage was divert to the left, and quite strong. For every five steps necessary to correct the carriage in the right direction. And even then, after reading the reviews in the internet, it appears that it is a disease of all Polish Transformers. Of the benefits can distinguish a wide berth and a great design, but it has ceased to please me after I had it for the first time raised her on the stairs, with a weight of 16 kg cope not every woman after childbirth. We successfully got rid of it after only three months of use. We young mums, so hands full, so choose a stroller yourself carefully.

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