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Stimforte - Review

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Contraceptive pills Mediana

On the advice of the doctor bought the pill of Midian from the company Gedeon Richter, made in Hungary, with the aim of

Humer not effective at cold

Humer 150 nautical sterile izotoniceski water, manufacturer which is URGO, France for us proved to be completely

Drops Vibrozil - did not help

Turning to the pediatrician with a big nose in a child, he recommended drops vibrocil , once bought, come home, poured,

Ointment Contractubex from the scars

Ointment Contractubex from the scars completely ineffective. Used the ointment more than 2 months, but the scar has not

Sedative IVAX Corporation Novo-Passit

I decided to bring the nervous system into order with the help of sedatives from IVAX Corporation Novo-Passit. Bought

Injections All Of Them Have, Arterium

The doctor prescribed her the injection, all of them have, Arterium, to improve cerebral circulation. After a number of

Tempalgin headache

Sick my head this morning. What and why I do not understand. Fumbled in his medicine cabinet - found pills tempalgin

Anesthetic Ketorol

I have had problems with their teeth and sometimes I take pain-killers. But this time there was no drug which I use

Clotrimazole ointment is very fragile tin tube

Clotrimazole ointment excellent heals wounds. But the tube into which it packed, although tin, but very thin. When the

Prebiotic "Le Cran" with uroantisepticheskimi properties does not help.

This product does not correspond to the annotations are written in it. In the fight against cystitis is absolutely

Oral antiseptic Lysobact

Oral antiseptic Lysobact pharmaceutical company Bosnalijek applied by a physician when the time came. Over the course

LUGS evkaliptovye Lugol Vishpha

Came down with flu, the doctor prescribed LUGS evkaliptovye Lugol Vishpha. After the first application I thought I was

Ointment "Bepanten"

The child started the dreaded dermatitis. Bought at your local pharmacy advertised ointment "Bepaten". Of course after

Pills "Chi-wedge" - it does not happen.

I've never believed in teas for weight loss. But once again I was not mistaken. This tea is absolutely no help. It

Loperamide tablets, Arterium

If you have diarrhea, the doctor my mother was prescribed Loperamide, Arterium, were taken as prescribed by a doctor, 2

Big Balsam Bittner is a universal tool in the home medicine cabinet.

Big Balsam Bittner purchase only in pharmacies. I use it for more than 15 years. Attracted by the fact that it consists

Antibiotic suspension "Sumamed forte" - like

I like the fact that the syrup should be given only three times that, in my opinion, does less damage than the rate of

Не крепит, а устраняет причину диареи

С наступлением лета у нас в семье регулярно возникает такая неприятная ситуация как диарея, затрагивает она всех - и дет

Candles Tsefekon d - the best way to remove the child's temperature.

When the Son was sick, so any drugs tried by removing the heat, but the best (and most importantly faster) helped these

Для печени хорошая поддержка.

Фосфоглив назначали в комплексной терапии при лечении псориза, совместно с принятием ванн с морской солью, мазью Антиспо

Cough syrup with plantain Mukoplant Dr Theiss effective assistance of cough.

Cough syrup with plantain Mukoplant Dr Theiss excellent and effective remedy for coughs. Tested it several times

отличное средство от герпеса

Я не очень доверяю всякой «химии», предпочитаю лечиться народными средствами. Вот и от герпеса долгое время спасалась с

Propolis Tincture - is effective for colds

Propolis tincture is useful in various diseases, what can you learn from the annotations. I would like to write a

Aerosol kameton of JSC "Pharmstandard-Leksredstva" well protected by the throat pain.

Aerosol kameton of JSC "Pharmstandard-Leksredstva" is always in the home medicine cabinet. This is a reliable

Antiviral drug

As always remember that you need to drink antiviral when the second day was in snot and cough. A neighbor, a physician,


Зимы еще нет, а я уже чуть не разболелся, хорошо что наверное вовремя начал пить Цитовир-3 в капсулах. Потому что как то

Healthy breathing

I would recommend anyone to try These classic! Constantly suffer from stuffy nose,thought I might have congenital

Eye drops Defislez (JSC "Synthesis") - for five to cope with dry eyes!

Finally found the perfect cure for dry eye, for office staff - this is the first problem. Make native Russia - namely,

Sublingual tablets 100 mg Glycine RB Biotics - works

Suffer vascular dystonia of the brain, it always felt a nervousness and dizziness. Glycine was regularly taken, or

Parodontotsid - healthy mouth))

So the review is called, what it became)))Actually I just wanted to say that not so long ago tried to imagine an

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