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Таблетки от кашля Бронхипрет ТП BIONORICA - Review

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Prospan cough Syrup in sticketh

Prospan cough Syrup in sticketh easy to use, especially on the road. Unfortunately syrup helps weakly. And if the cough

Cream Desitin from Custom products

Cream Desitin from KIK Custom products for "McNeil products Ltd, Canada/Great Britain intended for the treatment of

Pills from allergies "Cethrin" Dr.Reddy's

For several years already suffer in the spring and summer from allergic rinitah the doctor advised tablets from

Antibiotic "Tsifran" - weight terrible side effects

After a visit to the doctor I had to buy, according to his prescription antibiotic "Tsifran." Previously, I

Cream-Gel "Chondroitin forte" TOV "Cortez" - Useless gel!

Cream-Gel "Chondroitin forte" TOV "Cortez" buy Mom. She had back pain, so such a cream buy very

ZINNAT is not soluble granules

Antibiotic ZINNAT granules practically insoluble. Although the suspension is made clear by how much of the drug

Vasoconstrictor drops Nazivin not work

The child is still in the hospital attributed to drip spout Nazivin vasoconstrictor drops. But they have not helped.

Capsules Of CREON 10000

Capsules CREON 10000 doctor prescribed her grandmother for the treatment of pancreatitis. Took them a very long time,

Expectorant pill "Ambroxol" from Company "Ozone" - sputum does not depart

Recently, much cold. Accumulate phlegm, I kept coughing. The doctor prescribed me pills expectorants

Erythromycin-zinc complex YAMANOUCHI EUROPE BV "Zener" (EuropeAid Yumanouchi BP) - no plug-in units applicator!

The drug is not so bad, but lowered the scores, so the applicator gets dirty easily and does not heal go, but only

Normodin tablets №20 Kyiv vitamin plant, PJSC, Kiev, Ukraine

In hypertension, the doctor prescribed her a drug Normore (to be honest, I just don't know how to help the mother to

Antihistamine syrup Lordes causes rashes

After the Christmas holidays the child had a rash on the sweet (dermatitis). The doctor prescribed an antihistamine

Pills for resorption "Strepsils"

Perhaps one of the reasons for the tools that help in the treatment of cough and sore throat, are pills absorbable

Cornicing (Dormikind) homeopathic medicine

The child is restless in his sleep from birth. The doctor prescribed Cornicing (Dormikind - manufacturer Deutsche,

Herbal lozenges Dr. Mom

Herbal cough lozenges Dr. Mom. I tried this remedy for sore throat and cough, I want to say that no action alleviate

Aspirin TM "Darnitsa" - a simple, cheap and a good analogue of the imported pills

Aspirin - these are pills that are periodically needed for each, as instantly removed the first signs of illness and

Expectorant "Gerbion" Slovenia helps you quickly get rid of the cough.

Since I often get sick, I can say that while I do not know cough drops are better than "Gerbion." It gets rid

Great help.

My baby and I on the recommendation of the family doctor began a course of interferon questioning. One blow that is


More recently, we have sex was the problem.. And not on my side, and of the wife. Over time more and more lost

Помогает маме полноценно жить с хронической ишемией мозга.

На последнем обследовании врач подтвердил, что состояние мамы начало ухудшаться, лечение перестало помогать. Решили доба

Help to get rid of mastitis

Master I was advised to drink a doctor, when I complained about chest pain before the critical days. Said to drink it

Antiviral drug Kagocel helps.

Kagocel taking antiviral drug by prescription. Help was on a really effective. Course of a small. It took me just one

Ointment "Traumeel S" from "Biologishe Haylmittel Heel GmbH" - good help

Ointment, this really helps, it is very effective relieves inflammation, or if you are ill sustavchikov spin, smear it,

Not attaches and removes the cause of diarrhea

With the onset of summer, our family regularly occurs with this unpleasant situation as diarrhoea, it affects everyone

Tselederm (Tselederm), weak.

Cream Tselederm certainly doing its job. Relieves itching and allergic skin irritation. But it is much weaker than the

Nootropic agent Pantogam syrup 10% for development!

Some kids are falling behind in its development. Do not sit, do not start to babble, inattentive and very irritable at

Espumizan-first aid in the home medicine Cabinet.

Personally me and my family Did always helps. We love to eat well and not always useful food, sodas, and hot home-made

Serrata - perfect for post-traumatic rehabilitation pills!

Serrata - a great way to speed up the recovery of muscle fiber and bone tissue after injuries. Thanks serratiopeptidase

Cream "Endocrinol" ("Evalar") - helps with diseases of the thyroid gland

It has long been known about the unique effect of the white cinquefoil on the thyroid gland. "Endocrinol,"

Cream of the fungus' Ekzoderil ", Sandoz GmbH, Austria - slowly, but it helps!

To use for the treatment of fungus on the toes cream "Ekzoderil" - I want to say that the cream helps, but

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